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Friday, January 10, 2014

Holiday on 15/1/2014

Dated : 11/1/2014
Camp New Delhi

All Affiliates
COC Karnataka

                 I have been receiving many phone calls for declaring closed holiday on 15/1/2014 , I  this respect I would like to bring to your kind notice that COC Karnataka has no direct role in declaring holiday in respect of any festival as per the policy adopted by DOPT out of 17 closed holidays for Central Government employees , 14 are declared by DOPT only three holidays out of 14 holidays are declared. by the local
Central Government Employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee  which conducted a meeting at Income tax office Bangalore which was  attended by head of offices of 30 departments and they have approved the list of holidays for the year 2014 , hence COC has no role what so ever.   This was debated in the recent seminar held on 18/12/13 .

                I had written to all affiliates of COC Karnataka to take up the matter with respective head of Office to declare three closed holidays  of their choice  and intimate the COC accordingly, so that there should not be any problem as faced in the year 2013. the letter was sent on 3/10/2013 and same was also published   in website also . It is most unfortunate that none of the affiliates have made  any such demand from past two months or so .

              When I was traveling to New Delhi to attend meetings of the Confederation  i have started  receiving request. being at New Delhi or during journey I am helpless as   I cannot meet the
Central Government Employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee and discuss and resolve the issue since I am in New Delhi and I will be reaching Bangalore only on 14/1/2014.

 Now lets us concentrate on the important issues of 7th CPC and let us not dilute the present issue of the 7th CPC with holiday declaring issue.

Comradely yours

General Secretary

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