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Tuesday, December 31, 2013



NEW YEAR 2014.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

DA & Allowances


              The Fifth Central Pay commission in its report vide para no105.10 has said that there is not much difference between the calculation of the 12 months average and 6 months average.

            Today we are demanding that point to point fixation or a three month average in Dearness Allowance formula, as we have worked out an net increase of 8  to 12 % additional DA to the Central Govt. Employees will get every month, compared to 12 months average if point to point fixation is taken or around 10% increase if three months average is taken into account. instead of 100% DA as on 1/1/2014 it would have been 112% DA. Right from the year 1996 to 2014 there would have an increased DA every month had 5th CPC accepted our demand for three months average.  Hence the statement of 5th CPC is wrong at this present circumstances. Our demand of point to point fixation or three months average is justified.    

Consumer Price Index.

   Please refer the recommendations of the 4th CPC on CPI . The Fourth CPC had recommended the formulation of a suitable consumer price   index based on the consumption pattern of "Government Employees" as a solution. The 6th CPC has also recommended separate index for Central Government Employees. 

Recommendation of 6th CPC vide para no 4.1.13

The Commission is of the view that the National Statistical Commission may be asked to explore the possibility of a specific survey covering Government employees exclusively, so as to construct a consumption basket representative of Government employees and formulate a separate index. Meanwhile, the Government may continue to use the AICPI (IW) for estimating the DA.

As a result of non  implementation of these recommendations we can observe that prices have increased by over 200%, but DA we are getting only 100%.

Exemption of Tax For All Allowances:   

   Further the  Fifth Central Pay commission in its report vide para no105.12 has said that  Dearness allowance should be paid free of net taxes as the DA is paid for compensation against price rise. The all allowances should also be paid net of taxes which has been examined by 5th CPC in para no 167. The demand of COC Karnataka was supported by the 5th CPC, that all allowances should not be taxed.   

 Para No I05.12 of the 5th CPC report "Regarding the exemption  of Dearness Allowance from tax, we propose that in line with our general recommendation  on giving all allowances net of income tax, dearness Allowance (including Dearness Pay referred to in the last paragraph) should be paid net of tax".

Para 167.10  of the 5th CPC report.
"Accordingly,we recommend  that all the allowances of Central Government employees, including those of various union territories,  may henceforth  be paid  net of taxes".

Comradely yours

General Secretary 

Also see 7th CPC Work Paper click here

Friday, December 27, 2013

Dharna Program on 30/12/13

At Survey Of India Kormanagala Bangalore

               As per the directions of the Confederation of the Central Government Employees, the COC Karnataka is observing one day All India Dharna  program on 30/12/2013 at Survey Of India Kormanagala  Bangalore from 1pm to 2.30 pm for the demanding following charter of demands in respect of 7th CPC.  Similar programs at District level.

Charter of Demands:

1.      Constitute Seventh Pay Commission immediately.
2. Revision of wages of   Central Government Employees from 01.01.2014.
2.   Grant merger of 50% DA to all purpose from 01.01.2011.
3)   Accept staff side terms of reference for the 7th CPC.  
4)   Settle all pay anomalies of 5th and 6th CPC.

All Central Government Employees are requested to attend in large numbers to put pressure on the Central Government in respect of above demands and make dharna program a success.   

                                                                                  General Secretary

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Minutes of the 7th CPC Seminar on Common Demands

The seminar on 7th CPC common demands held at Income Tax office Bangalore on 18/12/13 which was presided over by Com S.Radhakrishna Working President COC Karnataka.

The seminar  was attended by following affiliates of COC Karnataka.

1) All India Postal Employees Union. 
2) Income Tax Employees Federation. 
3) Postal Accounts Employees Association.
4) RMS Employees Association.  
5) Central Ground Water Board Employees Association. 
6) Indian Audit & Accounts Employees Association 
7) Survey of India Employees Association. 
8) Census Employees Association. 
9) Atomic Energy (RMP Mysore) Employees Association. 
10) P& T Audit Employees Association. 
11) GPO Employees Association. 
12) Postal Admin Employees Association. 
13) Central Excise Employees Association. 
14) CGHS Employees Association. 
15) NAL Employees Association. 
16) IMD Employees Association. 
17) Civil Accounts Employees Association. 

Other invitees and others 5 members. Total 135 members.

Deliberation of the Seminar started at 11 AM  and concluded at 4.30PM.
Comrade R.Seethalaxshmi  Vice President COC Karnataka welcomed the chief Guest and Delegates for the seminar.

Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary COC Karnataka welcomed the Chief Guest and Delegates for the seminar.  He explained the background of conducting this seminar as the Central Government has decided to constitute the 7th CPC, hence this seminar will debate on the common issues of CG Employees to be presented in the 7th CPC. He further stated that the work paper has been circulated and it can be debated in this seminar, so that the COC view of Karnataka can be finalised.. At the same time he urged the affiliates to be prepared for struggle if the Government does not agree to the staff side demands of terms of reference. He assured the CHQ leaders Karnataka has always in the forefront of the CG movement.  He also thanked the ITEF leadership for making arrangements for this seminar including hall, printing of work paper, providing good food at subsidized rates etc.        

Com S.Radhakrishna Working President COC Karnataka in his speech explained to the members right from the first Central Pay Commission to sixth Central Pay Commission, the Central Pay Commission has done injustice to the Employees by not awarding the right pay scales and fitment formula. The concept of fair wages has been deprived to CG Employees. Usually pay commissions had adopted a multiplying factor of 3.2 to 3.6 to arrive at the new scales compared to earlier scales. But the VI CPC adopted conversion factor of about 2.6 at the lowest where as it was about 6 at the highest scale. By this method well established ration 1:12 between the lowest scale and highest scale was disturbed by the VI CPC.  He further elaborated how be struggle oriented approach the Confederation was able to get improvements in the recommendations of earlier pay commission reports.  He supported the decision of Confederation Hqrs to chalk out series of programmes to prepare the membership for strike.

Inaugural address by Comrade M.Krishnan Secretary General Confederation of Central Govt. Employees New Delhi. 
Inaugurating and initiating discussion of seminar Secretary General  congratulated the COC Karnataka for organising this seminar on the common demands of CG Employees which is first of its kind in the country. He also thanked the COC Karnataka for participation in strikes and struggles launched by Confederation. He narrated the circumstances under which the earlier pay commissions had been constituted. Even in case of VII CPC Confederation was first to raise the demand and later adopted by all organisations. Government after seeing the mobilization for strike ballot proposed to be held in November 2013  announced the constitution of VII CPC. which has put pressure on the Government in announcing the 7th CPC, He explained to the members about the terms of reference prepared by the staff side of JCM to the Central Government, He also informed that if the Central Government does not agree to our demands or the terms of reference prepared by the staff side of JCM  then the Confederation will  take up struggle path. 

  Comrade M.Krishnan deliberated on the work paper prepared by the COC Karnataka and each and every item was discussed by him. He expressed satisfaction on the this report and informed the delegates that while preparing the 7th CPC  memorandum by the Confederation the views of the COC Karnataka will be taken into account, he also assured that the members will be consulted before finalizing the 7th CPC  memorandum as this will be displayed on the Confederation website.          

Presentation of work paper by Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary COC Karnataka, He presented the work paper which was approved by the members.
Com Kameshawari from IMD wanted the  IMD to be declared as scientific department . Com Ashok Kumar from Census wanted increase in tour TA/DA rates, Com R. Srinivas wanted filling up of vacant post.   

Concluding address by Comrade M.S.Raja Working President of Confederation of Central Govt. Employees  New Delhi 
In his speech he explained how the C. G. Employees were denied the trade union rights, he urged members to be prepared for the struggles and he explained how the struggles from first CPC to sixth CPC has yielded results. He also agreed to the work paper on common demands of CG Employees prepared by COC Karnataka.

Comrade K.S.Madhusudhan Secretary General  AICGWBEA and General Secretary COC  Harayana State.
In his speech he agreed on the work paper on common demands of CG Employees prepared by COC Karnataka, He explained the need for filling up  vacant post and traveling allowance to be provided to field staff. He urged all persons to prepare their 7th CPC memorandum, He informed that for CGWB a committee has been formed in which Com P.S.Prasad has been made member of the committee.

Com S.Radhakrishna Working President COC Karnataka made his concluding remarks and assured the Apex leadership that State unit will implement the calls of Hqrs in letter and spirit..

Seminar concluded at 4.30 Pm with Vote of thanks by Com Ravindranth Joint Secretary of COC Karnataka.