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Monday, July 20, 2009

Hindu paper article

The Editor
Hindu paper.
Sub: Filling up of vacant posts in Central Government.
In Central Government there are 9.7 lakhs posts are laying vacant due to non filling of these posts since May 2001, Which has resulted in burdening of existing employees and also the Central Government machinery is unable to function in full swing as 30% of the posts are not filled up. There are many unemployed youths in the country by filling up these posts Central Government could have given job opportunity to these unemployed youths. Which would have resulted in better functioning of Central Government with more revenue collection from revenue earning departments like Income Tax, Central Excise etc as there are many tax evaders in the country but due to shortage of staff the Revenue dept’s are unable to function.
In May 2001 the Government issued instructions withdrawing the authority from the concerned Heads of Department to fill up the vacant posts through recruitment and assigning the same to a Screening Committee. As per the stipulation the said screening committee is entitled to authorize filling up only 1/3rd of the direct recruit vacancies ( subject to a maximum of 1 % of the sanctioned posts), the rest 2/3rdbeing abolished permanently. The intention of the order was to reduce the existing manpower drastically. No post was allowed to be created even for justified functional requirement.

Not only it killed the job opportunities for thousands of unemployed youth in the country, but also in the process crippled the functioning of the Departments raising the burden of workload on employees. Even though the said instruction was prima facie applicable to all cadres, categories and groups of civil servants, the Group A Cadres has invariably been excluded by almost all the Departmental Heads. In other words, the abolition of posts had only been in Group C and Group D Cadre only.
The Central Government has lifted these Ban on recruitment in April 2009 but with a condition not to fill up back log posts. There are many operational posts in various depts. Which are vital in nature The Government should fill up these posts immediately so that functioning of the Depts. Will not be affected.The strength of Central Government has reduced from 40 lakhs in the year 2001 to 30 lakhs in 2009, I request your kind self to publish this report in your esteemed newspaper in public interest.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully

General Secretary