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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Minutes of Meeting of 27th July held at RMS office

The Karnataka COC meeting was presided by Com Kamalashenan President COC and Com Radhakrishna Working President.

At the outset the Charter of demands for 7th September strike was brified to the members by the Working President and General Secretary.

The following decesions were taken

a) To participate in the 7th September 2010 strike called by all trade unions and joint forum of State and Central Govt. Employees, which has been endorsed by the Confederation.

b) To participate in JCTU convention to be held at Town hall on 11th August 2010 at 10 am at least 30 members are to represent in the COC allocation of units are as under 1)NFPE 10 members 2) ITEF 5 members 3) AGS 5 members 4)Survey of India 5 members 5) Ground water 3 members 6) CGHS 3 members 6) GSI 3 members 7) CPWD 3 members, An amount of Rs 2,000/ has been paid by the COC for the convention. Com Muthukumar will be representing the COC in the presdium and Com Radhakrishna will speak on behaf of the COC in the convention. Com Seethalakshmi will cordinate with all affliates in absence of the General Secretary.

c)Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary will participate in National executive meeting of the Confederation to be held at New Delhi on 11th August 2010.

d) The Affilates are requested to pay their COC funds quato for the year 2009 and 2010 if not paid.

e)Com Muthukumar and Com Prasad will attend the Press conference to be held at Press club on 5th August on behalf of COC.

General Secretary

Thursday, July 22, 2010

COC meeting 27th July


All affilates
Please attend COC meeting on 27th July 2010 at 6.30 pm to be held at City RMS office Bangalore, to discuss following agenda. , all are requested to attend the meeting in large numbers

1) To adopt resoultion for participation in 7th September 2010 strike called by all trade unions and joint forum of State and Central Govt. Employees, which has been endorsed by the Confederation.
2) To participate in JCTU convention to be held at Town hall on 11th August 2010 at 11 am
3) To participate in National executive meeting of the Confederation to be held at New Delhi on 11th August 2010.
Charter of demands;

1. Price rise of essential commodities to be contained through appropriate corrective and distributive measures like universal PDS and containing speculation in commodity market.

2. Concrete proactive measures to be taken for linkage of employment protection in the recession stricken sectors with the stimulate package being offered to the concerned entrepreneurs and for augmenting public investment in infrastructure.

3. Strict enforcement of all basic labour laws without any exception or exemption and stringent punitive measures for violation of labour laws.

4. Steps to be taken for removal of all restrictive provisions based on poverty line in respect of eligibility of converge of the schemes under the Unorganized Workers Social Security Act 2008 and creation of National Fund for the Unorganized Sector to provide for a National Floor Level Social Security to all unorganized Sector to provide for a National Floor Level Social Security to all unorganized workers including the contract/casual workers in line with the recommendation of National Commission on Enterprises in Unorganized Sector and Parliamentary Standing Committee on Labour.

5. Disinvestment of shares of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) is not resorted to for meeting budgetary deficit and instead their growing reserve and surplus is used for expansion and modernization purpose and also for revival of sick Public Sector Undertakings.

6. Fill up all existing vacancies in all Government departments.

7. Stop outsourcing/contractorisation of Governmental Functions

8. Regularise all Daily rated workers/employees and remove ceiling on compassionate appointments

9. Withdraw PFRDA Bill and extend statutory defined benefit pension scheme to all Government employees

10. Guarantee right to strike as a fundamental right of employees.

Comradely yours
General Secretary

Monday, July 12, 2010

CGHS Problems

Karnataka State
The Secretary General
Confederation Of Central Government
Employees and Workers New Delhi

As discussed with you at Bangalore I am bringing to your kind knowledge the present status of procudure for admission of CGHS benificaries to CGHS recongonised hospitals for needful action at your end.

Before the issue of recent guidlines issued by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare on 11th June 2010. The beneficiaries were required to go to State Govt. hospitals or in some cases they were directly refered by CMO of wellness clinic to private recog. hospitals

Now with the issuance of this order has done away cumbersome procedure of waiting in state govt hospital queue., how ever now they are supposed to go to polyclinic for referal they have to spend a few days at polyclinic for specialist advise for getting referal for hospitilsation.
Hence there needs an improvement to the order.

a) The Chief Medical Officer incharge of wellness clinic should be authorised to refer beneficiaries to private hospitals.

b) first para needs a modification as CGHS Polyclinic/CGHS doctor who has a specialised PG Degree that will solve most of the difficulties faced by the beneficiaries who are regularly visiting CGHS

c) To be more liberal in giving medicines received from GMSD [remember, now a days GMSD supplies only the best brands and not local manufacturers] and those 272 items being directly procured from top companies like cipla, ranbaxy etc

Comradely yours

General Secretary

Monday, July 5, 2010

Minutes of meeting held on 2nd July 2010 at Income tax office

The following are the high lights of the COC meeting held on 2nd July 2010 at Income tax office. The meeting was presided over by Com Kamaleshan President of COC and Com S. Radahkrishan Working President of COC Karnataka At the outset the General Secretary welcomed the Members , Com K.K.N.Kutty Secretary General Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers New Delhi , Com M.S.Raja Secretary Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers New Delhi. And Com Ravindran Pillai of AIDEF
COC Karnataka congratulates the Audit and Accounts employees on on successful implementation of one day mass casual leave programme on 8th April 2010. This has proved that when it comes to any agitation the employees of Karnataka are not lagging behind.
COC has expresses solidarity to Postal employees for their proposed indefinite strike from 13th July and to Income Tax employees for one day strike on 15th July 2010. The main demands of strike are stop privatisation of Govt service, filling up of backlog vacancies, Modification in MACP scheme. Revision of OTA rates Etc. It was decided to have a one hour solidarity dharna program on 9th July 2010 at M.G.Statue M.G.Road Bangalore from 12.45 pm to 2pm in support of strike. All affiliates are requested to participate in the dharna program in large numbers.
The COC thanked the Confederation for taking up the up gradation of Bangalore as A-I city with effect from 16-1-2007.
The General Secretary requested the Secretary General to clarify the status of following agenda.
a) Awarding one more increment for those employees who have got increment from February to June.
b) Status of anomalies.
c) Modification in MACP scheme, instead of next GP next promotional GP should be given and date of effect should be from 1.1.2006.
d) Recent order of CGHS which stipulates taking permission from poly clinic instead of CMO of dispensaries.
e) Rates of CGHS subscription should be made on Pay drawn or hospitalization entitlement should be on Grade pay.
f) Discrimination by the Govt. On OTA rates compared to Railways and retired persons.
g) Discrimination by the Govt on awarding higher pay scales to Railway employees compared to other employees of Central Govt. Departments. Especially in Supervisory cadre. Who awarded Gp of Rs 4800/.

The Secretary General Com K.K.N.Kutty in his address to the COC recalled the struggle of the 1960 strike in which the 5 days glorious strike in which sacrifices were made by them has brought us to get DA automatically even the minimum wage fixed by the Govt’s today is because of their struggle. Today if our justified demands are to be achieved then only path is the struggle path is to be taken. The present trend of the Govt. Is to privatize the Government functions which has to be opposed, the rising prices are also a major issue before the Govt. Employees which has to be opposed, he requested employees to support the Bharath Bandh in support against rise in prices of petroleum products. He has asked the employees to prepare them for September 2010 strike in support of common demands of trade unions and Govt. Employees. This strike is vital for taking up your demands.
The Secretary General clarified that many of the anomalies raised in the National council are rejected by the Govt. and also a few demands there is no justification however there are a few demands is under consideration all efforts will be made to resolve them. With reference to increment and MACP modification efforts are made to resolve amicably at the earliest. Regarding CHGS problems it will be taken up with health secretary Regarding OTA rates matter is being pursued.
The Secretary General requested all to support the Postal and Income tax employees strike which will bearing on all other Central Govt. Employees.
Com Kamaleshan briefed the demands of the Postal Employees , Com Seethalakhshmi proposed vote of thanks.

Comradely yours
General Secretary