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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) & DA – July, 2014

The All-India CPI-IW for July, 2014 increased by 6 points and pegged at 252 (two hundred and fifty two). 
The year-on-year inflation measured by monthly CPI-IW stood at 7.23 per cent for July, 2014 as compared to 6.49 per cent for the previous month and 10.85 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year. Similarly, the Food inflation stood at 8.11 per cent against 5.88 per cent of the previous month and 14.10 per cent during the corresponding month of the previous year.

DA as on 1st August 2014 is 108.48%.


COC Meeting on 3rd September at RMS

             The COC Karnataka meeting will be held on 3rd  September 2014 at city RMS office Bangalore at 6.30 pm to discuss the following issues.
1) The review of the  meeting with Chairman and Members of the  7th CPC.
2) Conducting of the Dharna   
Demands of Dharna:
 Interim Relief, DA merger and GDS issues.

 a)11th September 2014: Submission of the Charter of Demands along with a brief Note to all heads of offices by arranging demonstration in front of all offices; the branch level/district/divisional/state level leaders will explain the demands especially the memorandums on interim relief, DA merger and GDS issues.
  b) 19th September 2014: Dharna between 10 AM to 3 PM at all                                                                   important  state /districts / divisional centers.

  c) 25th September 2014:   Dharna between 10 AM to 3 PM at New Delhi with participation of the leaders of all affiliates and the members.

    3)  COC subscription @ Rs 5 per member .

          I thank you for your co-operation extended to COC Karnataka and trust imposed on me, from past one year we were preparing for the 7th CPC memorandum under the guidance of  Com S.Radhakrishna  President  COC Karnataka and Com Muthukumar Adviser  COC Karnataka and points for discussion, we had a nice meeting with the 7th CPC on 24th August 2014 for about 50 minutes at Bangalore , even though other association were given time for about just 10-15 minutes. the highlights were published in COC website and Confederation CHQ website also.

         On this occasion I thank the CHQ of Confederation for providing us the opportunity to meet the 7th CPC members and further explaining the things, The Chairman of the 7th CPC has also appreciated the presentation of the COC Karnataka and Pensioner Association.   We have taken up many important issues of the CG employees, since there was limited time allocated to us , we could not present all the demands of CG employees.  We hope through the commission visit to other  states these other  issues will be taken up and also Confederation CHQ and Staff side of JCM have  already taken up vital issues of  DA merger and IR. these issues with the Central Government and the 7th CPC.  
        Meanwhile we have to build pressure on the Central Government to  see that  the  justified demands of Central Government Employees are accepted , hence  we should be more alert and follow the directions of the CHQ in this aspect. 
I request you all to attend COC Meeting on 3rd  September 2014 at City RMS office and also give directions to district units to observe the said programs.

Comradely yours

General Secretary 


Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Issue of medicines / reimbursement of expenditure on investigations / treatment procedures / implants and other medical devices under CGHS- regarding


Monday, August 25, 2014

National Council JCM Staff Side has made a demand to 7th PAY Commission for Interim Relief and Merger of DA with Basic Pay

Shiva Gopal /Mishra
National Council (Staff Side)
Joint consultative Machinery for Central government employees
13-C, Ferozshah Road, New Delhi –110001

The Hon’ ble Chairman,
7th Central Pay Commission
Chatrapati Shivaji Bhawan,
1st Floor, B-14/A, Qutab Institutional Area,
New Delhi -110016

Respected Sir,
Reg : Payment of Interim Relief and Merger of Dearness Allowance with Pay.

The Staff Side of National Council (JCM) , had raised the issue regarding payment of interim relief and merger of dearness allowance with pay , as an Agenda Item of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM ) in its meeting held on 7th May, 2014.

After detailed deliberations , it was stated by the Secretary (Expenditure), Ministry of Finance on this item that since the terms of reference enables the 7th CPC to send Interim Report , as such, the Staff Side might approach the Pay Commission for a report on Interim Relief and Merger of Dearness Allowance, as recorded in the Record Note of meeting, forwarded to Staff Side vide Director(JCA), Government of India, Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensioners , Department of Pension and Pensioner’s Welfare ‘s letter No. 3/9/2014/JCA dt.24/7/2014.

We, therefore, humbly request you to kindly favourably consider our demand of payment of Interim Relief and Merger of Dearness Allowance with pay as Dearness Allowance, has since crossed the value of 100% on 1st January, 2014 and a number of Government Employees are superannuating every month,who would be deprived of the benefit of the same.

Yours sincerely,
(Siva Gopal Mishra )
Secretary (Staff Side)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

7th Central Pay Commission Meeting with COC Karnataka

Confederation of Central Government
Employees and Workers
Karnataka State

The meeting with CHAIRMAN AND MEMBERS of 7th Central Pay Commission was held at Bangalore 0n 24th August 2014 for about 50 minutes. Overall the meeting was on positive note.

The following members of COC Karnataka participated in the meeting.
Com S. Radhakrishna President of COC Karnataka
( Representing department AG’s)
Com Juliana Vincent Vice President of COC Karnataka
(Representing department Survey of India).
Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary of COC Karnataka
(Representing department Central Ground Water Board.)
Com Vinod Joint Secretary of COC Karnataka
(Representing department Income Tax office).
Com M,Ramakrishna Joint Secretary of COC Karnataka
(Representing department RMS).
Com Dominic Vijaya Anand Finance Secretary COC Karnataka (Representing department Postal Accounts).
Com D.K.Bharathi Assistant Secretary of COC Karnataka
(Representing department Postal Admin.)
Com Muthukumar Advisor of  COC Karnataka
(Representing department Postal.)
Com C.A.Kamesharwary Asst Finance Secretary of COC Karnataka 
(Representing department IMD.)
The President Com Radhakrishna welcomed the Chairman and Members of the 7th CPC for the meeting.
The General Secretary Com P.S.Prasad presented the power point presentation.
The interactions were held for about 50 minutes with the Pay Commission officials,
Com   Radhakrishna, Com P.S.Prasad, Com Muthukumar , Com Vinod, & Com Ramakrishna spoke effectively on various subjects.
The following items and points were presented:
Bangalore Prices:
It was brought to the notice of the commission that the cost of living is high in Bangalore compared to other metro cities in the country and the prices of all essential commodities are comparatively high in the State of Karnataka. House rent is in the range of  Rs 7000/- per month to Rs 35,000/- per month. The private school fees is from Rs 25,000/- to Rs 50,000/- per year.  Donation is also too high, the cost of local transportation is from Rs 2000/- to Rs 10,000/- per month.
(This was only informative portion on prices)
Minimum Wage:
It was brought to the notice of the commission that:
a)      Since Government is a model employer, they should provide minimum wages as per the 15 ILO conference and other wages as per the educational qualification & skill requirement of the job .
b)      Higher skill requirement due to computer usage and modernisation of equipment's. The skill requirement is higher compared to earlier days due to technology advancement.   
c)      The  higher inflation which is existing from the last eight years which is effecting the Government Employees, the money value has gone down to a large extent & there is erosion in wages.
d)      The salaries of the Government Employees are fully accounted for tax calculation, whereas in private sector allowances are not taxed.

(The commission Agreed to consider this on the lines of JCM memorandum)

It was brought to the notice of the commission that to attract higher talent to Central Government higher pay scales should be given.
(The commission was of the view that people choose their career on various aspects including wages.  Wages of Government employees cannot be compared with private sector.   It was pointed out by us that though the wages cannot be compared with private sector there is a need to keep the wages in central government that people will continue in government after joining.  Chairman assured to examine this aspect)

It was brought to the notice of the commission that in respect EQUAL PAY FOR EQUAL WORK
a)      For the same post which include similar duties and responsibility, there are different pay scales/ Grade Pay existing for same nature of duties and similar recruit qualifications.
b)      Grant of Grade Pay Rs.4800 to all Supervisors cadre.
c)      The gazetted Group “B” post be  started  from Rs 5400/- GP. 
d)      LDC pay scales should be provided with Grade Pay of Rs.2400 as their minimum qualifications is 12th std.
e)      There should not be any discrimination in the Pay scales of CSSS Cadre and Subordinate Departments since the nature of work being carried out by them is similar. Hence, disparity is to be removed.
f)        The Drivers of Subordinate offices  be placed with starting pay of Rs 2400/ GP as in Lok Sabha Secretariat.
g)      Graded structure for MTS should also be recommended as the 5th CPC vide para no 53.13 had recommended graded structure for these MTS.
h)      Pay scales of Stores wing persons be upgraded considering their work load and level of responsibility.
i)        Provide additional increment w.e.f. 01.01.2006 to staff working in old pay scale Rs.7450-11500 as in case of Inspectors of Central Excise and Income tax departments.

(The commission positively agreed to consider this suggestion except Drivers case.)

Increment rate of 5% and Promotion policy.

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on Increment rate of 5% and Promotion policy.

a)      As the Government employee put more and more service, he will be more trained to perform his duties in a better befitting manner. Thus the Government is more beneficial as good quality of work can be expected from an experienced official.
b)      His family responsibility will increase with age.
c)      They has to educate the children in professional courses, marriage of his children has to be performed, his medical expenses will also increase.
d)      There should be adequate financial protection for him, the better rate of increment should motivate him to work more.
e)      The person joining a Central Government Service is not just for the employment is for a whole career.
f)       On promotion one shall get two additional increments subject to an minimum salary increase of Rs 3000/- per month as he will perform higher duties and responsibility's.
g)      He shall get not less than five financial up gradations in promotional hierarchy during his service to motivate him to work more.
h)      Similarly the scientist are provided to FCS and get promotions every 4 years.

(The commission positively agreed to consider this suggestion.)

Consumer Price Index & Dearness Allowance Formula.

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on Consumer Price Index & Dearness Allowance  Formula.
a)      CPI as on 1/1/2006  was 115.76 points.
b)      CPI as on 1/1/2014  was 237 points.
c)      The CPI has increased by 121 points .
d)      But the DA increased by just 100% as on 1/1/2014 from 1/1/2006.
e)      The actual DA should have been 121 % not just 100% as on Jan 2014.
f)       Actual increase in price rise is more than 200 % and DA should have been more than 200%.
g)      6 months average DA computation of Consumer Price Index should be provided to Central Government employees rather than 12 months average.
h)      Rounding off DA be done whenever it crosses fraction more than 0.50

             (The commission positively agreed to consider this  suggestion.)

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on Allowances
a)      All allowances such as HRA, Tour DA, CEA (tuition fees) , Cashier Allowances, etc. should be increased by four times.
b)      OTA & Night Duty to be paid on par with Railways .
c)      When ever there is an increase in Dearness Allowance, the above  allowances be also increase as in the case of Transport allowance.

                 (The commission positively agreed to consider this suggestion.)

Transport allowance:

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on Transport allowance
a)      The  field oriented organizations like CGWB, Survey Of India, GSI, IBM, IMD, etc. most of the categories remain in fields, even Postal Employees and AG's Employees  are effected.  
b)      Now the field going staff are deprived of earlier CCA and present Transport Allowance as they cannot fulfill the condition of at least one day stay in a month in head quarters.  
c)      This condition of being present at Hqrs. Office at least a day in a calendar month becoming eligible for transport Allowances should be removed.

          (The commission positively agreed to consider this suggestion.)

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on taxes:
a)      The  Fifth Central Pay commission in its report vide para no105.12 has said that  Dearness allowance  be paid free of net taxes as the DA is paid for compensation against price rise. All other allowances should also be paid net of taxes which has been examined by 5th CPC in para no 167.
(The commission agreed to examine this suggestion.)
 Health Care system:

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on Health Care system
a)      More CGHS hospitals should be made available or alternatively the person should have the option to choose any of the hospitals of his choice and the bill to be passed with AIMS rates.  
b)      Existing CGHS system needs improvement.
c)      Proper ward entitlement should be made as per grades.
d)      Cash less facility for hospitalization.
e)      Autonomous  bodies shall also be included in CGHS

(The commission to examine this suggestion, but not satisfied with demand of Cash less facility for hospitalization.)

It was brought to the notice of the commission that on following issues.
Other points:

a)      Central Government Strength.
b)      Non-filling up of vacant posts has resulted in increased work load on the existing employees.
c)      Lower Spending by Central Government on its Employees.
d)      Leave / Holidays.
e)      12 days Casual Leave.
f)       Restrictions EL of  300 days to be removed.
g)      The PSU are providing reward medals after 15 years, 25 years and end of service, similarly such reward should be provided to Central Government Employees.
h)      In case of death of Government Servant during while on duties, his family members should get compassionate  appointment not considering restrictions of 5%.
i)        Education Loan should be provided.

(The commission to examine this suggestion)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Simplification of Pension Procedure

Simplification of pension procedure-submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension papers:


State Government employees are not covered within the terms of reference of the 7th central Pay Commission

While answering to a question in Parliament on 12th August 2014 regarding the employees working in State Government, Ministry of State for Finance Smt.Nirmala Sitharaman said that the State Government employees are not covered within the terms of reference of the 7th central Pay Commission.
She replied in written form to a question asked by a member that service conditions of State Government employees fall within the exclusive domain of respective State Governments. Therefore, State Government employees are not covered within the terms of reference of the 7th central Pay Commission.

Thus, the recommendations of Commission will not directly apply to State Government employees. Accordingly, it is not possible for the Central Government to indicate the financial burden on State Governments, if they decide to adopt the recommendation of the 7th Central Pay Commission in respect of their employees with or without modification.

She also added, the Central Government had sought the views of the State Governments and till the date of the constitution of the 7th Central Pay Commission on 28.2.2014, only 14 States had responded. These State Governments generally mentioned, inter-alia, that adoption of the recommendations of a Central Pay Commission by them in case of State Government employees adds to substantial financial burden

Since the decision to adopt the recommendations of the 7th Central Pay Commission in case of the State Government employees will exclusively concern respective State Government, the question of any assistance by the Central Government will not arise. However, the Terms of Reference of the 7th Central Pay Commission provide, inter-alia, that while making its recommendations, the Commission will also keep in view the likely impact of the recommendations on the finances of the State Governments, which usually adopt the recommendations with some modifications.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Minutes of COC Meeting held on 12.08.2014 at ITEF. Bangalore

Held on 12.08.2014 at Income Tax Office, Queens Road, Bangalore.

The meeting was presided over  by Com. JavarayiGowda  Vice President COC Karnataka, he welcomed the members for the meeting and requested General Secretary to take up agenda points.
Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary welcomed the members for the meeting and congratulated office bearers of COC Karnataka  for getting elected. There after following agenda points were taken up.     

1.       7th CPC developments.
2.        Visit of 7th CPC’s Chairman to Bangalore.
3.        West Bengal protest day on 27th August 2014.
4.       Bank Authorisation.
5.       COC Funds
6.       JCM agenda points
7.       Formation of District COC
7th CPC developments:
The COC Karnataka express sincere gratitude towards the CHQ of  the Confederation for considering the COC Karnataka views for the 7th CPC memorandum. The majority COC Karnataka views has been accepted and reproduced in the 7th CPC memorandum.
The committee for preparation of memorandum to 7th CPC headed by Com.P.S.Prasad has done a commendable job.  The efforts of this committee especially the initiative taken by Com P.S.Prasad is appreciated in the COC meeting.

Visit of 7th CPC’s Chairman to Bangalore:
With reference to the visit of the   7th Central Pay Commission visit to the Bangalore during the period from 24th August to 26th August. The General Secretary briefed the agenda points which was accepted,  It is decided that the following COC members of Karnataka will meet the 7th CPC Chairman & Team when they visit Bangalore i.e, from 24th August to 26th August 2014.
1.       Com. S.Radhakrishna
2.       Com. P.S.Prasad
3.       Com. V.Muthukumar
4.       Com. Juliana R.Vincent
5.       Com. Vinod
6.       Com. M.Ramakrishna
7.       Com. D.K.Bharathi

It is proposed to place before the Pay Commission that the DA to the Central Government Employees should be equal irrespective of their Basic Pay.  Since the DA is to compensate for the price raise which is common to all in the market.
West Bengal protest day on 27th August 2014:
The assault/attack by some political party leaders in West Bengal on our Central Government Employees of the West Bengal is condemned and expressed solidarity to the leaders of COC West Bengal. It was resolved that in all Central Govt.  offices  protest lunch hour demonstration should b e held on 27th August 2014 as a mark of protest and saving gram should be sent to Chief minister of West Bengal.

 Bank Authorization:
It was decided that Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary and  Com Dominic VijayAnand Finance Secretary will jointly operate the COC bank accounts which is at AG's Bank.

COC Funds:

General Secretary requested all the affiliatesto immediately remit the COC funds @ Rs 5 per member  to  Com Dominic VijayAnand Finance Secretary who is at GPO 3rd Floor Bangalore his contact number is  9480069255 or at Current  Account number 47 at AG's Bank.
JCM agenda points:
The Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary briefed the members in respect of the agenda points which was accepted and to be sent to CHQ for need full.

Formation of District COC:
It was decided to further strengthen the District COC where it is in active and both NFPE and ITEF will issue circulars and guidelines to the district units.

It is also decided to meet the Chief Minister of Karnataka by COC Leaders to request him to write a letter to Central Government on declaring holiday on 1st November (Kannada Rajyothsava Day) to all Central Government offices every year.

(Javarayi Gowda )                                      (P.S.Prasad)
 Vice President                                           General Secretary