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Monday, September 18, 2023

JCM Meeting

62nd Meeting of the Standing Committee of National Council (JCM) to be held on 20.09.2023 under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (P).


The undersigned is directed to say that the 62nd meeting of Standing Committee of National Council (JCM) is scheduled to be held on 20th September 2023 (Wednesday), at 12.00 noon in Room No. 119, North Block, New Delhi under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (P) to discuss the agenda items received from Secretary, Staff Side (NC-JCM) and ATR an 13 items of last Standing Committee meeting held on 22.9.2022.

2. You are requested to kindly make it convenient to attend the meeting.

Yours faithfully,

(Gandharv Kumar Sandilya)
Under Secretary(JCA)

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Sub: Change of Holiday for performing Ganesh Chaturthi festival to 18th September (Monday ) .


                The Ganesh Chaturthi festival is an important festival of south and western parts of our country especially in Karnataka state. The actual festival date is falling on 18th September 2023 (Monday ) , the Central Government Welfare Coordination Committee Bengaluru has declared the holiday for  Ganesh Chaturthi on 19th September 2023 ( Tuesday ) as per the DoPT guidelines .

            The Karnataka state Government has declared holiday for Karnataka state Government employees on 18th September (Monday )  for performing  Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

             Since the festival is fast approaching it is requested to take up with DoPT and declare a holiday on 18th September 2023. There should be flexibility in declaration of holidays as per local conditions  

The DoPT circular on holidays list clause 5.2 is as follows “For offices outside Delhi / New Delhi, the Central Government Employees Welfare Coordination Committees at the State Capitals are authorised to change the date of holiday, if necessary, based on the decision of the concerned State Governments / Union Territories, in respect of dulFitr, IdulZuha, Muharram and Id-e-Milad” .

This clause of 5.2 should be modified and should be extended to all festivals as per local conditions.

Please take up this matter on priority.

Comradely yours

(G.Janakiram )                         (P.S.Prasad)

General Secretary                    President

The minutes of meeting held on 11/9/2023



All Affiliates                                                                                            12/9/2023

COC Karnataka

Respected Comrades of all the COC Affiliates,

Sub: The minutes of meeting held on 11/9/2023  

The meeting of COC, Karnataka held on the 11th September , 2023 (Monday ).at 06.30 p.m held at Association room GPO . The President and Secretary welcomed the members for the meeting to discuss about the following agenda points in which 12 members participated in the meeting .

Com P.S.Prasad  President COC Karnataka briefed about the need for 8th CPC constitution due to higher inflation rates and high retail prices prevailing in the market especially after the covid affect . He also informed through the struggles in the past we are able to force the government to constitute the pay commission, the 7th CPC announcement was made in September 2013. Now it is time to have series of programs to put pressure on the government to constitute the 8th CPC , the Confederation always played a leading role in CG movement .

He also explained the need for the struggles in respect of scrapping of New Pension Scheme, the  August 10th Rally at New Delhi was quite successful with more than on lakh comrades participating in the rally at Ramlila grounds . He thanked those comrades from Karnataka state especially the ITEF comrades who have participated in the rally .

The COC Karnataka had released an article on NPS employees issue , it was explained that those NPS employees who don’t have full service of 33 years are getting only about 10 to 25 % as pension considering the current market growth , even those NPS employees who have completed 33 years of service also get only 40 % pension not the 50% in Old Pension scheme , also the market guarantee is not there for NPS employees due to market fluctuations .

So to protect the interest of NPS employees and demand its scrapping continuous program of action is required as suggested by the Confederation.

The following program of action is planned to educate the members and participate in the movement of Central Government employees to press for two important demands of  8th CPC constitution and Scrapping of NPS .

1)      Hold a lunch hour demonstration at GPO Bengaluru and district head Post office on 25th September 2023 .

2)      To participate in November 3rd Rally at New Delhi  Ramlila grounds in large numbers .

In respect of the CGHS issue COC Karnataka has taken up the issue of additional wellness centres in Bengaluru and other parts of state such as Mangalore , Hubli etc. The shortage of doctors and staff has also be taken up.

The COC Karnataka is drafting the issues to be taken up in 8th CPC such as Dr Aykroyd formula needs modifications, DA formula modifications  etc .

Com Ganesh Finance Secretary requested all affiliates of COC Karnataka to pay the subscription of COC at the earliest as many agitation programs are there and we have to remit the Confederation CHQ quota of Rs 10,000/ for this year .


The vote of thanks was proposed by Com Vinod Working President COC Karnataka he requested all members to participate in the COC programs and pay the subscription of COC .


Comradely yours



P.S.Prasad           (G. Janakiram)

  President           General Secretary

Sunday, September 3, 2023

Meeting on 8/9/2023


All Affiliates

COC Karnataka 


Respected Comrades of all the COC Affiliates,

              The Meeting of COC, Karnataka  is being convened on  11th September, 2023 ( Monday).at 06.30 P. M. @ Association Room, Ground floor, GPO, Bengaluru, to discuss about the following  points:

1) To discuss the   Confederation  & state Government employees association  joint  rally on 3rd  Nov 2023 Delhi program. 

2) NPS issue and agitational programs on 21st September. 

3)  8th pay commission issues 

4) CGHS issue & Any other points with the permission of Chair.

All are requested to attend the meeting in time, attendance is compulsory. 

Comradely yours

 (G. Janakiram)

General Secretary