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Friday, September 24, 2010

MACP clarification.

Note of the Second Meeting of the Joint Committee on MACPS held under the Chairmanship of the Joint Secretary
(Establishment), DOPT on 15'~ september, 2010 for information and further necessary action.

It is clarified from CHQ of Confederation, the meeting on MACP held in the last week, it was agreed that the criteria for promotion was agreed in the meeting that means that the bench mark of CR was agreed as average was enough for MACP scheme instead of good and very good as in case of regular promotion. The question of next promotional grade pay instead of next grade pay has not been agreed so far. which is our primary demand. The concerned departments can switch over to old ACP instead of MACP if the cadre is benifical
Pl see the Official Minutes of meeting held on 15th September 2010
Click here for officail Minutes

Pension reforms strike in France

Courtesy : Times of India Bangalore. dated 24th Sept. 2010.

France trade unions staged a second strike in one month, against the France Govt. unpopular pension reforms, in which millions of workers participated in the strike, which paralyzed the country, the flights were cancelled, train services were cancelled & roads were blocked.

Similar protests were held in Greece and Spain nations on such reforms.

This type of strikes in Europe should be boost the moral of Indian trade union movement, where similar reforms are being implemented, now the Government of India should desist from implementation of such reforms which are anti workers.

Workers of World Unite
Workers Unity Zindabad

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DA Bonus orders issued

PL see Finance ministry web site for DA / Non PLB Bonus orders.

See Finance ministry web site

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Child care leave

NOTE: Kindly see the Department of Personnel O.M.No. 13018/1/2010 Estt (leave). The conditions imposed by them for the grant of Child care leave by the subsequent clarifications dated 29.09.2008, 18.11.2008 and 2.12.2008 have now been removed and the women employees can avail the leave without exhausting the earned leave to their credit , The COC thanks Confederation for taking up this matter

The link to the O.M. is appended to this communication.

Click here for orders

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strike a sucess


Abiding by the call of the Central Trade Unions and endorsed by the all India Federations, the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers organized the one day strike today the 7thSeptember, 2010 against the increasing inflation, price rise, demanding the revival of the Universal Public Distribution system, against the policy of privatization of Public Sector and Governmental organizations, against contrctorisation, outsourcing and above all demanding the scrapping of the new contributory pension scheme introduced to replace the existing statutory defined benefit pension Scheme.

The strike action elicited good participation of Central Government Employees in the Karnataka State, Banks Insurance sector was totally closed, State Govt. Employees also particiapated in good numbers. Rally was also good, with good Media coverage including national news.

The Strike was an impressive indication of the growing discontent of the Central Government employees over the Neo-liberal Economic Policies, which has threatened the job security of the workers, redundancy due to outsourcing, corporatisation and privatization of Government departments, contractorisation of the functions of about 10 lakh employees belonging to the lower strata and the big erosion of the value of the wages due to the price rise.

The COC while congratulating the Central Government employees for their unstinted co-operation in making the strike a grand success has called upon them to be prepared and mobilize themselves further for a greater form of agitational programme, if the Government continues to tread the pro-rich polices.

Comradely yours


General Secretary