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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

7th Pay Commission visit Bengaluru

7th Pay Commission Chairman proposes to visit Bengaluru between 25th and 27th August 2014

Visit Bengaluru between 25th to 27th August 2014

The commission has, in its first phase of interaction, been seeking the views of various stakeholders on its terms of reference. To this end, meetings have been held in Delhi with various organisations and heads of various agencies.
In its second phase of interaction, the Commission plans to hold meetings in different parts of the country to facilitate stakeholders staying in various areas to present their views personally before the Commission and ensure larger representation. This exercise is being undertaken to enable the Commission to get a firsthand impression about the functioning and the condition of service prevailing in different parts of the country.

Accordingly, the Commission, headed by its Chairman, Justice Shri A. K. Mathur, proposes to visit Bengaluru between 25th August and 27th August 2014. The Commission would like to invite various entities/associations/federations representing any/all categories of employees covered by the terms of Reference of the Commission to present their views.
Your request for a meeting with the Commission may be sent through e-mail to the Secretary, 7th Central Pay Commission at . The memorandum already submitted by the requesting entity may also be sent as an attachment with this e-mail. An early response in this regard would facilitate proper scheduling of the meetings.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Memorandum of Interim Relief and merger of Dearness allowance


 Central Headquarters 

1st floor, North Avenue Post Office Building, New Delhi-110 001.

      Dated :  23.07.2014
Com. Shiv Gopal Misra,
Staff Side, National Council, JCM
13 C Feroze Shah Road,
New Delhi. 110 001.

Dear Comrade,

  Sub: Memorandum of Interim Relief and merger of Dearness allowance.

            The National Secretariat of the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers places on record its appreciation over the efforts of the Staff Side,  JCM,  National Council in preparing and submitting the memorandum to the 7th Central Pay Commission, which has received the widest acceptance and admiration of the Central Government employees. Since the last date for submitting the Department-specific memorandum has been got extended by your efforts uptill 31st July, 2014, the first phase of our endeavour and interaction with the 7th CPC will come to a conclusion in a few days’ time.

       I have been directed by the National Secretariat of the Confederation which met on 17thJuly, 2014 to solicit your kind reference to the memorandum submitted by the Staff Side on behalf of all Federations, Unions, Associations on Interim Relief and merger of Dearness allowance.  We are of the view that the Staff Side, in pursuance of the said memorandum, must seek an audience with the Pay Commission immediately to know the course of action the Commission would like to take in the matter.  We must also seek an appointment with the honourable Finance Minister thereafter so as to ensure that a decision on our demands is taken by the Government without any further delay.  We hope we need not emphasise the fact that the Central Government employees do expect financial benefit on this score as the erosion in the real value of wages as on date is phenomenal. 

  We shall be grateful if you will indicate to us your line of approach in the matter.

  Thanking you and with greetings,
Yours fraternally,

M. Krishnan
Secretary General.

Copy to
     1.Com. Raghaviah, Leader Staff Side, National Council, JCM 
     2. Com. Srikumar, Secretary General, All India Defence Employees Federation. 

BUDGET 2014 at a Glance



 Receipts Details Click Here

State and U.T. Plan Outlay by Ministries/Departments

(In crore of Rupees)
Total Receipts for  2014-2015 is estimated at 1794892
Pension Expenditure  is   81983 (4.56% of Total Receipts)
Subsidies Expenditure is 260658 (14.52% of Total Receipts)
Fiscal Deficit is 531177 (4.1 % of Total Receipts)

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Comrade T.Trivedy

Comrade T.Trivedy Ex Secretary General of All India Central Government Health Scheme Employees Association passed away yesterday, COC Karnataka mourns his death, He was was veteran leader  of CGHS Employees Association for more than 25 years. With these the CGHS Employees Association has lost a toiling  leader. 

Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities

F. No. 11013/3/2014-Estt(A)
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Personnel and Training
Establishment Division

North Block, New Delhi
Dated July 23,2014

Subject: The Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act, 2013 – Submission of declaration of assets and liabilities by the public servants for each year and placing the same in public domain on the websites of the Ministries/ Departments.

The undersigned is directed to refer to the subject mentioned above and to say that the Government has notified the Public Servants (Furnishing of Information and Annual Return of Assets and Liabilities and the limits for Exemption of Assets in Filing Returns) Rules, 2014 under the Lokpal and Lokayuktas Act. 2013. on 14.07.2014. The same is available on this Department’s website at

2. As per the said Act and the Rules framed thereunder, every public servant shall file declarations. information or return. as the case may be regarding his assets and liabilities as on the 31st day of March every year, to the competent authority, on or before the 31st day of July of that year. It may be noted that as per Section 2(1)(o) of the Act, “Public Servant” means a person referred to in clauses (a) to (h) of sub-sectlon (1) of section 14 of the Act but does not include a public servant in respect of whom the jurisdiction is exercisable by any court or other authority under the Army Act, 1950. the Air Force kt, 1950, the Navy Act. 1957 and the Coast Guard Act. 1978 or the procedure is applicable to such public servant under those Acts.

3. It may also be noted that the definition of public servant covers all Central Government servants (Groups A, B and C). Therefore, all Central Govenmient servants are required to file the declaration. This is an important difference from the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 1964 and may kindly be noted.

4. As per these Rules, the public servants who have filed declarations, information and annual returns of property under the provisions of the rules applicable to such public servants shall file the revised declarations. information or as the case may be, annual returns as on the 1st day of August, 2014, to the competent authority on or before the 15th day of September. 2014. All Ministries/Departments are accordingly. requested to please bring the provisions of the Public Servants (furnishing of Information and Annual Return of Assets and Liabilities and the limits for Exemption of Assets in Filing Returns) Rules, 2014 to the notice of all concerned for compliance.

5. Formal amendment to the Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rules 1964 will be made in due course.

6. Hindi version will follow

(J.W Vaidyanathan)
Director (E)


Thursday, July 24, 2014


ANSWERED ON 18.07.2014
1275 . Shri KIRTI (JHA) AZAD
Will the Minister of HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE be pleased to state:-

(a) whether certain CGHS empanelled hospitals have stopped providing cashless facility to the CGHS beneficiaries due to their huge amount of bills pending for payment;

(b) if so, the details thereof and the reasons for their pendency along with the action taken/being taken by the Government for clearance of the bills at the earliest;

(c) the amount spent on major illnesses of CGHS patients during each of the last three years and the current year, State/UTwise including Delhi;

(d) whether the Government has reduced the entitlement cost of certain packages and implants procedures and the CGHS beneficiaries have to pay the difference to the hospitals; and

(e) if so, the details thereof and the reasons therefor along with the corrective measures taken/being taken by the Government in this regard?



(a) & (b): Yes. 23 hospitals in Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Jaipur had stopped providing credit facility alleging pendency of payment of hospital bills. Show-cause notices were issued and after review, 2 hospitals in Delhi, 2 hospitals in Bengaluru and one hospital in Jaipur were removed from CGHS panel.
There was short fall in the budget in the last quarter of Financial year 2013-14. Additional Budget under PORB was received and direct payment to hospitals (instead of payment through UTI-ITSL) upto Rs. 75 crores was made and the pendency was largely cleared by 31st March 2014.
(c): No record of disease wise expenditure is maintained.
(d) & (e): Package rates and ceiling rates of implants are revised as per recommendations of experts from time to time. Last revision of Ceiling rates for Drug eluting stents was done on 29/04/2014.
Empanelled hospitals cannot charge more than the approved package rates and ceiling rates for implants. If any of CGHS beneficiaries wants to have any implant by a specific brand name which is having more sale price than the CGHS rates, the difference between the sale price of that particular brand and the ceiling rate under CGHS is to be borne by him.
CGHS invited e-tenders for fixation of rates (revision) and empanelment of hospitals under CGHS in different cities. Technical evaluation of the bids has been completed.

CGHS beneficiaries can obtain treatment from any of the Government Medical Institutions including AllMS

CGHS beneficiaries can obtain treatment from any of the Government Medical Institutions including All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
While answering to a question in Parliament on 18th July 2014, Health Minister said that the CGHS beneficiaries can obtain treatment from any of the Government Medical Institutions including All India Institute of Medical Sciences.
The Government also empanels interested private hospitals under CGHS, through tender process/continuous empanelment scheme implemented from time to time.

The hospitals are empanelled subject to the condition that they satisfy the terms and conditions of the tender and agree to CGHS rates and terms of Memorandum of Agreement.
CGHS beneficiaries already have the facility to avail treatment under non- emergency from empanelled private hospitals with prior permission from competent authority. In medical emergency no prior permission is required. No permission is required for CGHS beneficiaries to undergo treatment in Government Hospitals.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Collection of data of Central Government Staff and Officers - 7th Central Pay Commission

Collection of data of  Central Government Staff and Officers - 7th Central Pay Commission

The Directorate General of Human Resource Development has published an order regarding the 7th Central Pay Commission is collecting data/information of Central government employees and officers on the following aspects.

The Seventh Central Pay Commission has commenced work and is currently engaged in the collection of data and relevant material from the department of Revenue as follows…

1. 7th CPC Questionnaire

2. Statement detailing the allowances payable to officers and staff

3. Data on Personnel-Sanctioned Strength, Number in position, Recruited prior and after 1.1.2004 and vacancies
4. Age profile of employees (All Groups) :
The total number of personnel in position as on 1.1.2014
Those less than 20 years of age
20 or more but less than 30 years of age
30 or more but less than 40 years of age
40 or more but less than 50 years of age
50 or more but less than 60 years of age
60 or more years of age

3.Autonomous bodies under the Ministry/department (as on 01/01/2014)
Number of Central Autonomous bodies :
No of personnel in Central Autonomous Bodies:

4.Data on Expenditure on salaries & Allowances : From 2010-11to 2012-13
1.Total Plan expenditure
2.Plan expenditure on Salaries & Allowances
3. Total non plan expenditure
4. Non plan expenditure on Salaries & Allowances
5. Total expenditure (1+3)
6. Total expenditure on salaries& Allowances (2+4)
7. Expenditure on Grants in aid Salaries

5. Autonomous Bodies
Grants in aid Salaries paid to Central Autonomous Bodies : From 2010-11 to 2012-13

6.Data on Contractual Manpower
Ministry/Departments have in the recent past, outsourced various services through personnel engaged on contractual basis. In this regard the following data is sought:
Man months of deployment at various remuneration levels as given below
a) 10000 and less per month
b) From 10001 to 20000 per month
c) From 20001 to 50000 per month
d) Over 50000 per Month
Expenditure incurred on contract employees

7.Data on Training of Employees

The 7th Central Pay Commission requires immediately the above data/information to proceed further step on the recommendations of pay commission report.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Medical Facilities to Government Employees

Central Government Health Scheme provides medical care to its beneficiaries which include serving as well as retired Central Government employees. The CGHS provides its services through a network of CGHS Wellness Centers which are in operation presently in 25 major cities of the country. Expenditure on medical reimbursement in respect of pensioners is borne by CGHS and in respect of serving employees it is borne by concerned Ministry/ department/office. The pensioner beneficiaries are eligible for credit facility for treatment in CGHS empanelled hospitals. 

Central Services (Medical Attendance) Rules, 1944 are applicable to serving Central Government employees only who are residing in non-CGHS covered areas. Medical attendance is provided by the Authorized Medical Attendant appointed by concerned department. The CS(MA) Rules 1944 are not applicable to pensioners. As per these Rules, there is no provision for issue of medicines and medical reimbursement claims are to be settled by the concerned department/ Ministry. 

The Health Minister stated this in a written reply in the LokSabha here today. 


(Release ID :106945)


Monday, July 14, 2014

Wholesale Price Index (CMWPI) June, 2014:

New Delhi: After rising to a five-month high in May, inflation dipped to 5.43 per cent in June mainly on account of decline in prices of food items and vegetables with the exception of potato and onion.

The DA is now expected around 7%.

Criteria fixed for setting up a Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) dispensary

The below information is tabled to a question in Lok Sabha on 11th July 2014 by the Minister of Helath and Family Welfare Shri Harsh Vardhan as follows...

The criteria fixed for setting up a Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) dispensary in a particular area are as under:-

(i) In an existing CGHS city:- For opening of a new Allopathic CGHS dispensary in an existing CGHS city, there has to be a minimum of 2000 Card holders (serving employees of Central Government and Central Civil pensioners).

(ii) Extension of CGHS to a new City:- For extension of CGHS to a new city, there has to be a minimum of 6,000 Card holders. However, due to financial and other resource constraints it is not always possible to adhere to the above criteria.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Union Budget 2014-15 Highlights

Some relief to individual and salary tax payers, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley presenting Union Budget 2014-15 today in Parliament.

Income Tax exemption limit raised to Rs.2.5 lakh and also raised to Rs 1.5 lakh under Section 80C 

For Senior Citizen tax exemption limit also increased to 3 lakh.

The Central  Government today hiked the exemption limit for investments by individuals in financial instruments to Rs 1.5 lakh under section 80C.

And one more relief to the depositors of Public Provident Fund, the ceiling limit will raised to Rs.1.5. lakh form current level of Rs.1 lakh.

No change in tax rates

No provision for either DA Merger or IR for Central Govt Employees in this budget

Monday, July 7, 2014

DA as on July 2014

The Dearness Allowance for Central Government employees and pensioners may increase to 107% from July 1, 2014 onwards.  CPI as on May 2014 is 244 points which shows an increase of 2 points over April 2014. DA as on May 2014 is 106.17%.  


7th CPC Memorandrum