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Tuesday, July 31, 2012






All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers-June 2012

All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers on Base 2001=100 for the Month of June 2012

All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of June, 2012 increased by 2 points and stood at 208 (two hundred eight). Hence Increase of 11 points from Jan 2012. Likely  Additional DA is 7%. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

MACP issues

The joint Committee set up by the National Anomaly Committee to consider the MACP related issues met on 27th July, 2012.  The Staff Side was represented at the meeting by the following comrades:
Com. M. Raghaviah
Com. Umraomal Purohit
Com. S.K. Vyas
Com. C. Srikumar
Com. K.K.N. Kutty
Com. Shivgopal Misra
Com. Bhosle

The report prepared by the sub-committee after three rounds of discussions was reviewed at the meeting.  The points that came up for discussion and the decisions taken are as under:

Grant of MACP in the promotional hierarchy:  The Staff Side pointed out that the ACP which was in vogue till the advent of MACP had been on promotional hierarchy.  In the name of improvement of the scheme, the Government cannot unilaterally change it, especially when the concerned employees do not consider it as advantageous.  They suggested that the employees must be allowed to retain the ACP for the first two promotions and for the third promotion MACP can be extended.  However, the Official Side said that it would not be possible to have any hybrid scheme.  In fact, they added that the 6th CPC had suggested for two career progressions only and that too on grade pay hierarchy.  The govt. had improved upon and therefore it was not possible for them to agree for the suggestion of the Staff Side.  They also stated that the reason for bringing about grade pay hierarchy was to bring about uniformity in the scheme across the Departments as the promotional hierarchy varies from one department to another.  They declined to consider the suggestion for promotional hierarchy based MACP.

The Staff Side then pointed that in the last meeting of the Committee, the Official Side taking into account the difficulties and disadvantages experienced by the employees in many departments which were presented by the Staff Side had agreed to consider department wise/cadre wise options.  The Staff Side further pointed out that the suggestion of the Official Side would not go to resolve the issue.  They said that option must be provide for each individual employee to choose either the ACP or MACP whichever is beneficial to him as is provided in the CCS(RP) Rules.  The unilateral withdrawal of a benefit from an employee is not permissible.  They also stated that the Official Side has not pointed out the difficulties in agreeing to this proposal.  After some discussions, the Official Side said that they would re-examine the issue of individual option and will come up with their considered view at the next meeting of the NAC.

Counting 50% of service of the Temporary status/casual labourers for the purpose of MACP:  In the light of the discussion at the meeting, the Official Side agreed to examine the matter.

Treatment of employees selected under LDCE Scheme and GDCE Scheme:  The Official Side agreed to issue orders on the same lines as has been issued under the ACP Scheme.  The Staff Side stated that wherever examination is the criterion for promotion/fast track promotion, the service rendered by such employees in the lower post must be ignored and such promotion should be treated as appointment and the promotion scheme to commence from the date of such appointment.  This was not agreed to by the official side on the plea that such appointments are against promotion quota and therefore, they are to be considered as promotion only.  The Staff Side them pointed out that this issue had been the subject matter of judicial consideration before the Tribunal and the Tribunal has given the decision in favour of the employees.  The Official Side wanted a copy of the judgement to react to this.

Date of effect of the Scheme:  The Staff Side pointed out that the date of effect of MACP Scheme must be from 1.1.2006.  The analogy of the 5th CPC has no application as ACP was introduced after discussion with the Staff Side on a later date.  Since the Government issued the orders of the 6th CPC and the acceptance of the MACP with modification almost simultaneously, it should have been made effective from 1.1.2006.  They also pointed out that the MACP is not an allowance to be made application from 1.9.2008.  The Official Side pointed out that the benefit emanating from the MACP i.e. the third promotion was applicable to all existing employees who were in service after 1.9.2008.  The Staff Side demanded that the benefit has been denied to those who retired between 1.1.2006 and 30.8.2008.  The Official Side agreed to consider application of the new MACP with effect from 1.1.2006 for those who retired/died between 1.1.2006 and 30.8.2008.

Financial up-gradation under MACP in the case of staff who join another unit/organization on request.  It was agreed at  the last meeting that the services rendered in another recruiting unit/organization will be taken into account for counting service for promotion under MACP.  The Staff Side however, pointed out that in many cases, the employees are compelled to seek reversion in order to be transferred to another recruiting unit.  In their case, the promotion so earned at the present recruiting unit and which have been foregone is being counted as one promotion under MACP.  The Official Side agreed to look into this matter and issue necessary clarificatory orders.

Stepping up of pay of senior incumbent with the junior as a consequence of ACP/MACP.  The Official Side stated that in the light of the judgments delivered in the matter they will have the case looked into and necessary instructions issued.  They also stated that certain instructions in the matter has already been issued, copy of which will be made available to the Staff Side.         

The bench mark question for promotion under MACP.  The Official Side agreed to issue a clarificatory order stating that if the promotion is on seniority cum fitness basis, MACP will also be on seniority cum fitness basis.
There had been no discussions on other points incorporated in the report.  The stand taken by the Official side in those matters remains unchanged.  You may kindly access the report from the website of the Department of Personnel along with the relevant orders.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

March to Parliament

Thousands of Employees marched on Parliament Street demanding Central Government to implement 15 charter of  demands including setting up 7th Pay Commission, DA merger and 5 career promotions in service.

The  march was attended by various organizations such as NPFE (RMS,  GDS  Postal ), ITEF, Ground Water, Audit &  Accounts Survey of India, CGHS , CPWD, Atomic Energy. Central Excise inspectors association, NSSO   Etc hundreds of  Comrades from Karnataka State participated in the rally. The comrades from Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Gulbarga, Raichur Hassan, Kolar districts participated in the March to Parliament. The COC Karnataka  red salutes all comrades  who have participated in the rally we hope the Government will yield to our demands.  . 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Exemption of Salaried Employees from Requirement of Filing of Returns for Assessment Year 2012-13

Press Information Bureau 
Government of India
Ministry of Finance 


Exemption of Salaried Employees from Requirement of Filing of Returns for Assessment Year 2012-13

Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) vide its Notification No. 9/2012 dated 17th February, 2012 has exempted salaried employees from the requirement of filing the returns for assessment year 2012-13. The exemption is applicable only if all the following conditions are fulfilled:-

Employee has earned only salary income and income from savings bank account and the annual interest earned from savings bank account is less than Rs. 10 thousand.

The total Income of the employee does not exceed Rs. 5 Lakh (Total Income means Gross Total Income Less deductions under Chapter VIA).

The Employee has reported his PAN to the employer.

Employee has reported his income from interest on savings bank account to employer.

Employee has received Form 16 from his employer.

Total Tax Liability of employee has been paid off by employer by way of TDS and employer has deposited TDS with central government.

Employee has no refund claim.

Employee has received salary only from one employer.

Employee has not received any Notice from Income Tax Department for filing of Income Tax return.

Friday, July 20, 2012

March to Parliament on 26th July 2012

All Comrades are directed to report at New Delhi on 26th morning at 10 am at  Jantar Mantar near to the intersection of Parliament Street, where the signal lights are installedThere will be a banner of the Confederation and COC Karnataka . They should intimate the  COC General Secretary Com P.S.Prasad mobile No 9480066620 accordingly.

  It has been decided to provide a badge to all the participants in the March.  The procession will commence at 11.30 AM to converge at the Parliament Street Police Station by 12 Noon.  The meeting will commence immediately thereafter.  A delegation will meet the Prime Minister either on the same day or on the day the appointment is given by the Prime Minister.

CGHS Plastic Cards

OM No. Cards/BNG/CGHS Admn/2517 dt 8.6.12 of the Addl Director, CGHS to all CMOs incharge of CGHS Wellness Centres 

CGHS Bangalore has started issuing Individual Plastic Cards to the pensioners/ serving employees  with effect from 14.2.2012 for the new cardholders. It has been decided to change the existing cards of pensioners from old CGHS cards to the new individual Plastic Cards to each CGHS beneficiary with effect from 1.8.2012. All the pensioners who are holding old CGHS cards are required to submit duly filled application form in the prescribed format along with individual passport size photographs, contact phone number and address proof to the CMO Incharge of the concerned Wellness Centre. A specimen copy of application form is enclosed herewith. 

2. All CMO Incharges are requested to bring it to the notice of all the pensioners in their Wellness Center for changing old CGHS cards to individual Plastic Cards by putting up this in the Notice Board prominently. Sufficient applications may be kept at the Wellness Cent re to enable pensioners to submit the same before the due date. CMO Incharges are requested to collect the application form along with the documents from all the pensioners and serving employees  and send it to this office on 31.07.12 positively.

CLICK HERE FOR FORM  ( Page no 9 & 10)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

June consumer inflation at 10.02%

India's annual consumer price inflation  in June is  10.02 percent, government data showed on Wednesday, but food prices accelerated as concerns rose about below-average monsoon rains.
Despite the slight moderation in price rises last month, inflation remains "way above" comfort levels, central bank Governor Duvvuri Subbarao said on Monday.
Food inflation in the CPI accelerated to 10.71 percent in June from 10.66 percent in May. The revised CPI number for May remained unchanged at 10.36 percent

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Highlights of National Anomaly Committee meeting held on 17.07.2012

 See Confederation web Site for all items

1. Promotee in same grade pay will get one extra increment. 
2. The supervisors of earlier APEX Grade i.e. 7450-11500 are very likely to get one special increment. The  Staff Side  is doing all out efforts to get that increment w.e.f. 01.01.2006.
3 It has also been agreed that where there is Direct Recruitee in a cadre, promotee will get the basic pay @ par with Direct Recruitee in other words Promotee will not get less pay as compared to Direct Recruitee.
4. The MACP issue including removal of infructous Grade Pay Rs. 2000 were also discussed and separate meeting on MACP issues will be held on 27.07.2012.
5. The staf side also raised the issues of Librarians/Asstt. Librarians. The official side assured staff side for earlier consideration, after collecting data from Ministry of Culture which is nodal Ministry for this.

The staff side shown its anguish on non functional of JCM scheme due to which National Council is not being held since Feb. 2010. Meetings of anomalies committees are also not taking place frequently except Railways, Defence & P&T. The Departmental Anomaly Committees are either not constituted or non functional. Chairman National Anomaly Committee and Secy/DOPT assured that JCM scheme will be revived & NC meeting will take place after the Monsoon session of Parliament.


Sunday, July 15, 2012


Price rise in last six years is 152%.
Total increase in Consumer Price Index is 90 points.
Total DA due is 70 % as 1/6/12

       The  Confederation has  prepared a comparative chart of the price of 14 commodities, which go into the computation of minimum wage.  for more details see Confederation web site Placed there-under is the computation of the Minimum wage on the basis of the prices of the requisite articles as in January, 2012.  It could be seen there-from that while the prices on an average registered an increase of 152% the DA compensation had only been 65%. This fact may kindly be used to bring home the necessity of revision of wages immediately.  .CLICK here for more information

The prices of the commonly used items of the common man  has risen from 100% to 250% from last six years, where as the  Consumer Price Index  numbers has risen only by 90 points in last six years, We can observe that many of the common  used items such as Rice, Wheat, tamrind, electricity bills ,water bills payments etc are missing in the Consumer Price Index Numbers  weight-age  , the miscellaneous  weight-age  is 25 % instead of that it should have been distributed  in Fuel, Oils, vegetables. Housing etc, improper house rent rates are reflected in CPI the cost of  a single dwelling in metros is Rs 8000, where as the Government rates of HRA is taken into account while commuting the CPI.

The compilation of Consumer Price Index  numbers generally consists of two stages i.e. (i) calculation of price indices for elementary aggregates (item level indices) and (ii) the aggregation of these elementary price indices to higher level indices using the weights associated with each level. Laspeyres formula is used for aggregation of indices. Specifications of items have been selected on the basis of popularity in the respective areas. These specifications are different in terms of units, quality etc for different price schedules. Prices relative of each product specification (current month price/base year average price) is worked out. Average of these price relatives under the respective item multiplied with 100 gives the index for that item.

Laspeyres formula; go through the below links to know this formula works.

CLICK HERE for  Laspeyres formula

Calculating a Laspeyres Index

A Laspeyres Index is known as a “base-weighted” or “fixed-weighted” index because the price increases are weighted by the quantities in the base period. The Consumer Price Index is an example of a Laspeyres Index. In this example, 2006 will serve as the base year. Formally, the calculation is written,

Lt =

j=1 pjtqj0 Pn
j=1 pj0qj0
where the subscript “j0” refers to the base year value for good j, and t, refers to the current year.

 Let us calculate DA using Laspeyres formula for example prices of Rice and Wheat are as follows

Price of Rice in 2006 is Rs 20 per kg for 100kgs consumption

Price of Rice in 2011 is Rs 30  per kg for 100kgs consumption

Price of Rice in 2012 is Rs 40  per kg for 100kgs consumption

Price of wheat  in 2006 is Rs 15  per kg for 100kgs consumption

Price of wheat  in 2011 is Rs 25  per kg for 100kgsconsumption

Price of wheat  in 2012 is Rs 30 per kg  for 100kgs consumption

Calculate Consumer Price Index  using the  Laspeyres formula

 for 2012 year  L2012 =

{100 × 40.00} + {100 × 30.00} / {100 × 20.00} + {100 × 15.00} = 4000+3000/2000+1500 =7000/3500 =200 points 

for 2011  year L2011 =

{100 × 30.00} + {100 × 25.00} / {100 × 20.00} + {100 × 15.00} = 3000+2500/2000+1500 =5500 /3500 =157 points 

Calculate DA

Dearness Allowance = (Avg of AICPI for the past 12 months - 115.76)*100/115.76

DA ={{ (200+157)/2} -115.76)}}*100/115.76 = (178-116) *100/115.76=6200/115.76= 53% DA

Price Rise is 100 % in last six years ,where as DA is 53 %.

 Formula available for calculate CPI are

Laspeyres formula

Paasche formula

Fisher formula

Please click the link for  Consumer Price Index Numbers - Separately for Rural and Urban Areas and also Combined (Rural plus Urban)


The Staff Side of JCM has represented to the 5th and 6th CPC about the faulty DA formula and the DA should be paid every three months and Average of AICPI should be removed. The same demand of the Staff Side of JCM should be there now also.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Pay and Pension related issues of relevance to defence services personnel and ex-servicemen

The Government has decided to constitute a Committee, under the chairpersonship of Cabinet Secretary, to look into pay and pension related issues of relevance to defence services personnel and ex-servicemen. The other members of the Committee will be:

(i) Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister
(ii) Defence Secretary
(iii) Secretary, D/o Expenditure
(iv) Secretary, D/o Ex-Servicemen’s Welfare
(v) Secretary, D/o Personnel and Training

The Committee’s ‘terms of reference’ will be to look into the following issues relating to:

(i) Defence services personnel:
Common pay-scale for in-service JCOs/ORs
Initial pay-fixation of Lt. Col/Colonel and Brigadier/equivalent
Review and enhancement of grade pay
Placing of all Lts General in HAG+ scale
Grant of non-functional upgradation (NFU) to armed forces personnel

(ii) Ex-servicemen:
One-rank one-pension
Enhancement of family pension
Dual family pension
Family pension to mentally/physically challenged children of armed forces personnel on marriage

The Department of Expenditure will service the Committee. The Committee may co-opt any other member. The Committee will finalize its recommendations and submit its report to the Prime Minister by 8th August, 2012.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Consumer Prices and DA formula reg


CPI IN recent months

 may 201210.160 %
 april 201210.215 %
 march 20128.649 %
 february 20127.568 %
 january 20125.319 %
 december 20116.486 %
 november 20119.341 %
 october 20119.392 %
 september 201110.056 %
 august 20118.989 %

CPI IN recent years

 may 201210.160 %
 may 20118.721 %
 may 201013.908 %
 may 20098.633 %
 may 20087.752 %
 may 20076.612 %
 may 20065.926 %
 may 20053.740 %
 may 20042.834 %
 may 20034.661 %


Click here to compare Consumer and inflation world wide 

Price rise in last six years is 153%
Total increase in Consumer Price Index is 90 points.
Total DA due is 70 %

Please click the link for  Consumer Price Index Numbers - Separately for Rural and Urban Areas and also Combined (Rural plus Urban)

Full information is provided by NSSO 

It is observed that the Consumer price index basket of 2001 is not correct common items used by the Government items are not reflected in this basket hence the points instead of raising  to 153 points is just 90 points.

All India Consumer Price Index Number for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the month of MAY, 2012 increased by 1 points and stood at 206 (two hundred six ) Hence increase of 8 points from January  2012 Current DA likely at 70 % as on 30/5/12.

Current DA formula

Dearness Allowance = (Avg of AICPI for the past 12 months - 115.76)*100/115.76
ie is   DA =  (196.42-115.67) * 100/115.673 = 69.67 % 
The below table denotes the calculation for the month of April 2012…
Total of 12 Months
12 Months average
% Increase over 115.763
April -2012
The Average of the past 12 months  should be removed  and only it should be last AICPI should be  taken into account.  The division factor of  115.76 is also not correct . The DA for entire year of 2006 was only 2% due to faulty formula.

a)       The Prices  of the articles are continuously rising.
  b) The DA is announced twice in  a year that is January  and July respectively

c)      The Index point which was at 100 on 1/1/2001
d)       The Index point which was at 115.76 on 1/1/2006.
e)      From 1/1/2006 to 30/5/2012 the points has risen from  115 points to 206 points there by there is an increase of 90 points compared to 70 % DA.
f)        The Price of an article which was as on 115.76 on 1/1/2006 is Rs 206 as on 30/5/12 that is the market  cost of today’s price is  206 and Government employee if he goes to market to buy the article has to pay an increased price of Rs 90/- and DA is just 70. that means simple calculation of 90% DA should be given to Government Employees.

g)      The prices which are increased from  January  to  July is provided DA wef from JULY. That is that the prices which are increased for example the Cost groundnut oil  is Rs 70 as on 1st July 2011 shows an steady increase and is Rs 90 as on 30th June 2012 DA as on 1st July 2012 is computed as average of Rs 70 & Rs 90 that is it works out to Rs 80.  There after it is divided by factor 115.6 that works out to Rs 69  hence no DA is admissible even though the prices are increased from Rs 70 to Rs 90.

h)       The prices which are increased from past twelve months are not compensated only it is compensated after 6 months of increase. Hence the worker is cheated. For example if the price of an article is increased abruptly after DA is announced on July 2011 and He has to wait for compensation till JULY 2012. due to average of 12 months criteria.  That is no immediate compensation of price rise is available to him.  That is he has to pay from his pocket to buy the article.

i)         The Variable DA should be there as in case of petrol prices as and when the international crude is increasing the oil companies raise their prices of petrol, so no burden on them,  same should be the case of Government Employees as and when the AICPI increase then the DA should automatically increase every month.  
j)         Recommendation of 6th CPC vide para no 4.1.13

The  Commission is of the view that the National Statistical Commission may be asked to explore the possibility of a specific survey covering Government employees exclusively, so as to construct a consumption basket representative of Government employees and formulate a separate index. Meanwhile, the Government may continue to use the AICPI (IW) for estimating the DA.

Hence separate DA AICPI should be formed for Government employees

      The postman in rural areas across the country has his hands full. Apart from his regular job, he now has to go out three to four times a week to collect data from retail outlets which is then used to calculate the rural consumer price inflation.
      Faced with an acute manpower shortage, the ministry of statistics and programme implementation tied up with the department of posts to get over the problem of collecting such massive amount of data from rural areas across the country.