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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Mass Meeting of the CG Employees was held at ITEF Bangalore on 30/1/14


            The Mass Meeting of the CG Employees was held at ITEF Bangalore on 30/1/14  under the Chairmanship of  Com Seethalakshmi Vice President COC Karnataka,  which was addressed by Com K.P.Rajagopalan Secretary Confederation, Com Ashok Kr. Kanojia of Delhi COC, Com Seethalakshmi Vice President COC Karnataka, Com Ravindran Pillai of AIDEF , Com Muthukumar Adviser COC Karnataka   & Com P.S.Prasad  GS COC Karnataka.

The meeting was also addressed by following comrades, who have pledged their support for  Feb strike.

1) Com S.S.Manjunath Circle Secretary AIPEU P-III
2) Com Mallikarjuna Circle Secretary AIPEU Postmen & MTS
3) Com Veeresh Circle Secretary AIPEU  Postal Accounts
4) Com Bharthi  Circle   Secretary AIPEU Admin
5) Com Ramakrishna Secretary RMS Employees Association
6) Com Vinod Circle Secretary ITEF
7) Com C.G.Prabhu General Secretary Central Excise Employees Association
8) Com M.Rajan General Secretary Ground Water Employees Association
9) Com Julliana Vincent General Secretary  Survey of India Employees Association
10) Com Ashok Kumar Naik General Secretary Census Employees Association
11) Com Rajeev General Secretary  CGHS Employees Association.
12) Com Ravindranth President Audit and Accounts CAT-II Employees Association
13) Com Prasana of Civil Accounts.

 IMD Employees Association & P& T audit Employees Associations also participated in mass meeting .

The meeting unanimously decided to decided to make the strike a success .

Comradely yours

General Secretary

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