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Saturday, January 18, 2014

COC Karnataka endorses the 48 hours strike call given by Confederation

Minutes of COC Meeting held at RMS Office on 17/1/14.

The COC Meeting was presided over by Com C.G. Prabhu Vice President of the COC Karnataka.

The meeting condoled the demise of Com G.S.Nagendra Ex Circle Secretary of RMS employees who was instrumental in building the RMS, Postal & COC movement in Karnataka for more than a decade. Two minutes silence was observed in this regard. Com Ramakrishna RMS union leader requested all to participate in the condolence meeting to be held on 26/1/14 at RMS Bhavan Bangalore.

The General Secretary Com P.S.Prasad welcomed the members for this meeting. This meeting was attended in large numbers compared to all COC meeting this meeting attendance  was very much high , this shows how  anger of the Central Government Employees against the Central Government for not notifying the 7th CPC and accepting the terms of reference of the staff side of JCM.

Com Prasad explained to the members due to sustained struggles the   Central Government announced the formation of the 7th CPC on 25th September 2013, there after the DOPT Secretary had invited for talks with staff side of JCM for finalising the terms of reference, since three months the Central Government had not taken action for formulation of the 7th CPC nor accepted the terms of reference proposed by the staff side of the JCM.

This has led to unrest amongst the employees of the Central Government, the extended meeting of Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers in its meeting held on 10/1/14 had decided to organise two days strike of the Central Government employees on 12/2/14 and 13/2/14. To demand 15 charter of demands including DA merger, date of implementation of the 7th CPC from 1/1/2014, rectification of all anomalies, filling up of vacant post, inclusion of GDS Employees in 7th CPC etc.

He also informed that many rumours on internet on DA merger and on 7th CPC are being spread, he informed as on today the staff side of the JCM has not been informed on these issues by the Government. Till notification is issued these are rumours only and he requested members to not be carried out by such rumours.

He appealed to all members for endorse the strike call as proposed by the Confederation of Central Government Employees and workers in its meeting held on 10/1/14. Since it’s the right time before general elections and when the parliament is in session. He also informed that FNPO will also participate in this strike. He also informed as the CHQ guidelines we have to serve strike notice on 21st Jan 2014. He requested all leaders to discuss and deliberate on this issue and give their opinion.

Com S.S. Manjunath Circle Secretary AIPEU Class III spoke and supported the strike call and requested the leaders of the COC to address the meeting of the Divisional Secretaries of the AIPEU Class III who will be present in Bangalore on 2/2/14. He also assured that tour program will be conducted by the Postal union in mobilising the strike program.

Com Mallikarjun Circle Secretary AIPEU Postmen and MTS assured full support for the strike program.

Com Vinod Circle Secretary ITEF informed as per the decision of the ITEF central executive meeting held on 13/1/14. The ITEF employees will participate in strike 100%. He assured all support for the strike from ITEF.

Com Ravindranath President Audit and Accounts CAT III employees association supported the strike call and informed that despite all odds the AG’s employees will participate in strike and they will serve strike notice on 21st Jan 2014.

Com Srinivas President  CGHS Employees Association informed that  the CGHS employees will participate in strike 100% program.

Com Chandrashekar from Postal leader wanted clarification on strike process and wanted strike program should have been started on Jan 2014 instead of Feb 2014. He also wanted media coverage and campaign.

Com Ramakrishna from RMS employees union urged employees to participate in strike call, he informed RMS will actively participate in strike call. Many RMS leaders actively campaigned for strike call due to general elections in April and May 2014.

Com Jullina Vincent General Secretary of Survey of India Employees Association extended her support for the strike program.

Com Janikiram Division Secretary Postal East Division, Com Dhuva Kumar of Division Secretary Postal West Division & Division Secretary Chenanapatna Postal Division assured support for the strike.

Com  Jawarayi Gowda  Org. Secretary Postal Union and COC Secretary spoke and expressed support to the strike. He also expressed the views that employees should not just focus on DA merger and only should concentrate on strike.

The strike resolution was adopted unanimously.  

There after it was decided to print posters and distribute to all before 24/1/14 and hold the one day mass meeting at Bangalore on 30th Jan 2014 in which the central leaders will be visiting Bangalore for strike campaign. Com K.P.Rajgopal Secretary Confederation and Secretary General ITEF , Com Seethalakshmi General Secretary AIPEU Postmen and MTS ,New Delhi  and Com Narasimhan Vice President Confederation will address the mass meeting scheduled on 30/1/14.   

It was also decided to inform the press regarding the strike program for media coverage.  It was also decided to organise the state level campaign program and  meetings at Bangalore in various offices in Bangalore in Feb 2014.

The General Secretary condemned the victimisation action against Com C.G.Prabhu Vice President of the COC by the Central Excise officers. He informed that the Com Working President of the COC Karnataka is helping him legally if required the COC will intervene after legal process.

Com S.S.Manjunath and Com Vinod condemned the victimisation action against Com C.G.Prabhu Vice President of the COC and assured full support to him.

Com Com C.G.Prabhu Vice President of the COC Karnataka concluded the meeting by urging the need of the hour is to show unity and he requested every person to educate others in campaign program for strike and make the 48 hours strike a success. 

Com Ravindranth Joint Secretary proposed the vote of thanks.      

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