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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Union Cabinet to approve 7th CPC TOR on 28/2/14

             The union cabinet is likely to approve the terms of reference of the 7th CPC on Friday  ie the on 28/2/14(before announcement of general elections),  which includes the date of effect of the 7th CPC, interim relief , DA merger etc. It is likely government may or may not not grant all these or it would rather ask 7th CPC to examine these issues. With these the Government has moved one step ahead from its original stand of declaring on 25th September that  7th CPC date of effect from  1/1/2016, this is only due to the impact of two days strike by Central Government Employees  affiliated to the Confederation of Central Government  Employees and Workers on 12th and 13th Feb 2014. 

              We are only  hoping  and praying  that the Central Government will issue orders for DA merger or date of effect or IR, instead of a demanding it by struggle . If other  Central Government Employees would have also joined the Feb 2014 strike, we would have got better deal, we could have forced the Central Government to accept our 15 charter of  demands straight  away rather than asking for it,  now by these time orders  would have been issued.     

                          Now we have won a half battle, after general elections we should all unite and fight for major issues such as 100% DA merger, IR, date of effect from 1/1/2014. Today we are in this position of just hope Central Government will accept our demands rather than forcing the Central Government to accept our demands. Now we concentrate on unity of CG employees which would force Central Government to accept our 15 charter of  demands. Joint struggle by all Central Government Employees irrespective of  affiliations is the need of the hour. 

Comradely yours

General Secretary  

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