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Monday, February 3, 2014

February 12th and 13th Strike and Rumors

                The Confederation of CG Employees  have given a 48 hrs strike call on 12th and 13th Feb 2014 in respect of 15 charter of demands which include DA merger, date of 7th CPC from 1/1/2014, filling up of vacant post, etc. 

               The basis for your demand is that the prices have increased by over 262  % and DA we are getting is only 100%. That means there is  a gap of more than  162%. The Indian inflation is one of the highest in the world, the money value has gone down drastically, the purchasing power of the CG Employees  has reduced,  due to price increase the house rent has increased drastically in the market and the HRA amount remained stagnant. All allowances should have increased by three times to compensate price rise.  Such is the situation today, the CG Employees  are finding difficult to cope up price  rise.

 Today 91% of the CG Employees are Group "C" Employees, all earlier Central Pay Commissions have not provided justice to these Employees, always the Group "A" and senior officers are benefited by the Central Pay Commissions. The minimum wage of Rs 7000/- as fixed by the 6th CPC is insufficient today  for  a decent living  the  minimum salary for MTS / GDS should be Rs 27,000/- & Multiplying factor for all CG Employees should be three times the (Basic + GP). All allowances should increase by three times.

         The DA as on 1/1/2014 is likely to be 100%,  the CPI is  at 239 points taking into account inflation at  9.1 %, that means the DA would be 100.56% against the actual price rise of 262 %. The DA orders are likely to be issued only in March 2014 as per earlier practices, there is lot of rumors in the news papers that the DA orders will be issued shortly . This will benefit the CG Employees to a great extent.   

       Now the CG Employees  have issued strike notice the media and lot of web sites have started spreading information on the DA merger and 10% DA are beneficial to the CG Employees . This is done to divert the CG Employees attention towards real issues of the proposed Feb strike. 

      Even if DA orders are issued and DA merger takes place the gap between the actual price rise and DA provided will be still around 100%, hence 7th CPC date of effect and Interim Relief are also vital.

         Now let us not worry about these rumors and we shall continue to  prepare the CG Employees towards Feb Strike, not keep quite or simply hope that strike will be called off.      

The main demands of CG Employees which include  DA merger, Interim Relief from 1/1/2014 , date of effect of 7th CPC from 1/1/2014 should compensate the price rise effect.  

March Ahead for Feb 12th & 13 Strike, even if DA Merger is provided  to you.  strike until  the terms of reference of the 7th CPC as suggested by the staff side (JCM)  is accepted by the Central Govt.  

Comradely Yours

General Secretary 

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