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Friday, October 11, 2013

Holiday on 14/10/2013 for Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami)

The DOPT has declared RH on 13th October 2013 for Dussehra (Maha Navami) and closed holiday on 13th October 2013 for Dussehra festival. Pl see web site DOPT CIRCULAR 2013How it can happen two festivals in a single day.

From the year 1982 onwards there is clear holiday orders giving holiday for Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) and RH on Dussehra (Maha Navami) , please refer the holiday list of the year 2011 and 2012.  Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) festival  and  Dussehra festival are one and the same . The world famous Mysore dasara festival  & Vijayadashami  falls on 14/10/13. Thereby denying the due holiday for Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) which falls on 14/10/2013.  This is the first time that holiday for Dussehra (Vijaya Dashami) is denied.
 The Karnataka State Government has also declared holiday on 14th October 2013 for Dussehra festival vide 
The Railways under the industrial act has declared holiday on 14th October 2013 for Dussehra festival see 
CLICK HERE Railway Circular 

Similar problems are there for  1st November  holiday as Railways have declared holiday on 1st November 2013 for kannada rajyotsava.

 More over before 1982 the holiday were declared by local co-ordination committee, it would be ideal that local persons have more say in holidays rather than DOPT.  The only 3 holiday should   declared by DOPT and rest of the holidays the local Central Government Employees Welfare Co-ordination Committee or Head of Department should fix the holiday today it is reverse. Similar facility is available for Railways and Defense employees. 
As per the 5th and 6th Central Pay Commission similar recommendations are as follows:

Sixth Central Pay Commission view:

Holiday policy para no 4.5.6 As regards the issue of holidays, there can be no rationale for observing a large number of closed holidays in the Government along with a five day week.  It is also very true that in a secular nation, religious festivals should be treated as personal to each individual employee without the Government offices having to be closed on that account.  Keeping in view the recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission in this regard, the Commission recommends that, henceforth, the Government offices should remain closed only on the 3 National holidays. No other closed holidays should be allowed.  To enable the Government employees the freedom to celebrate their festivals and other occasions of special significance to them, the number of Restricted Holidays available to an employee shall be increased to 8 with the list of Restricted Holidays being suitably enlarged to include all the erstwhile Gazetted Holidays therein.  The Commission is aware that on few occasions, it may not be possible to open the office due to local considerations like lack of availability of adequate transport facilities on that day or some other practical problem.  Every Head of Department (HOD) should, therefore, be allowed the option of declaring the office closed for a maximum of two Restricted Holidays in a year based on local considerations.  These days should be decided by the HOD at the beginning of the year in consultation with the Staff Side of the organization and be prominently displayed in the office premises. 

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