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Saturday, May 20, 2017

23rd May Dharna Program

All Affiliates
COC Karnataka
                 The affiliates of COC Karnataka are requested to observe the program of 23rd May 2017 as protest day, the Staff Side (JCM) leaders  on 30th June 2016 met the group of Ministers. The Ministers have assured the Staff Side (JCM) members that the all issues of the Central Government including revision of pay fixation, revised allowances, NPS issues  and pension issues will be resolved. But comrades nearly one year has passed the assurances of the Group of Ministers are not adhered , the Central Government Employees are disappointed a lot , only the pension issue was considered by the Union Cabinet, but practically the Group “C” and Group “B” employees’ pension revision was totally disappointing the pension amount increase was just from  Rs 5/- to Rs 500/ -  .

Coming to the allowances the meetings are taking place, the Union Cabinet may approve the revised allowances only in first week of June, there after the orders shall be issued, so the Government is planning to introduce revised allowances from 1st July 2017 after implementation of GST.

Regarding the pay fitment formula of 2.57 should be enhanced, no much progress is taking place, we have to build pressure on the Government to enhance the fitment formula .

The NPS issue needs to properly addressed, virtually no pension for younger generation CG employees.

Comrades the Confederation leaders are assembling on 23rd May 2017 at Finance Minster residence for observing the dharna program , the CG employees of Karnataka state  are expressing the solidarity with these leaders and  observing one day dharna program on 23rd May 2017 , please join enmass and support our leaders.
                                                             Comradely yours


                                                               General Secretary  

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