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Monday, March 4, 2013

The International Women' day on 8/3/13 at Bangalore

             It is proposed to observe the   International Women' day celebration  on 8/3/13  by COC Karnataka & AICGHSEA  at CGHS Shivajinagar wellness clinic  Bangalore from 3 pm to 5pm . All affiliates of the COC are  requested to  request there  women comrades and activist to attend the women's convention in large numbers. 

CGHS Polyclinic, No. 111, 3rd floor, Ganesh Towers,  Infantry Road Shivajinagar, Bangalore -01 Phone : 080-25589225

Chief Guest: Com Geetha
                   Divisional Secretary LIC of India Employees Union

Contact persons of women's committee. 

Com Seethalakshmi    9448819821
Com Julliana vincent   9886952581 
Com Nirmala              9449071861 
Com Vijayalakshmi     9448203063

Comradely yours 

General Secretary 

The International Women' day which falls on 8th March is observed throughout the world. The UN theme for the International women's day 2013 is "A promise is a promise; time for action to end violence against women". This year in India, we saw a massive uprising against the atrocities on women immediately after the barbarous sexual assault on student in Delhi.  She later succumbed to the injuries suffered during the assault. 

                 Thousands of young men and women, students and common people assembled at Vijay Chowk and elsewhere in Delhi and other parts of the country demanding stringent action against the culprits besides asking the Government to make enactment to protect the women. Empowerment of women is an issue that has to be focused and taken to its logical end. There is no shortcut for that. Raising the conscious level of the society at large through sustained campaign and struggles is the only way out. It is a painstaking path, but there is no other alternative.

The brutalities against women, attempt to dispossess the women of their right to property is the outcome of the patriarchal system that has taken roots in our country. In our society today women are being portrayed as a commercial commodity an offshoot of the impact of the neo liberal economic policies where except profit nothing matters. The fight for empowerment of women, hence, cannot be separate from the struggle against finance capital driven neo-liberal economic policies.

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