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Thursday, November 8, 2012

COC Meetings for 12.12.12 Strike

                 The COC Karnataka has been making all out efforts to make 12.12.12 Strike a success, In this connection visits to districts for strike campaign are all most complete. A few  left out over districts will be covered shortly .The posters are printed and available at City RMS office Bangalore  please collect it from Com Srinivas (9449658131)  or Com Ramakrishna (9480109025). Please circulate it to all places including districts/ taluks/ towns  units

The program of action is as follows.

1) Hold General Body Meetings/Gate Meetings at places at the earliest possible.

2) Distribute the pamphlets to each and every employee/ worker.

3) On 19th November hold lunch hour demonstrations in all offices and serve strike notice.

4) Participate in  Lunch Hour Mass Meeting of  Central Govt Employees  to be held on 22nd November 2012 at GPO  Bangalore to be addressed by  Com M.Krishnan Secretary General NFPE & General Secretary COC Kerala.

5) At districts head quarters hold Joint Mass Meeting of  Central Govt Employees (Postal, Income tax  Central Excise, All India Radio, Doordharshan etc) from 19th to 22nd November.   

Review meetings of the 12.12.12 strike preparations will be held at COC meetings to be held on 16/11/2012 to be held at RMS Office at 6.30 pm and on 22/11/12 at ITEF at 6 pm all COC affiliates are requested to attend the COC meetings  & Mass meetings.

Comradely yours

General Secretary  

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