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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

OTA rates


Dear Comrades,

As we read the Orders of the Department of Railways that revised the OTA of its own employees based on the recent Basic Pay, Grade Pay and other Allowances implemented by the 6th CPC, we feel that we are discrimiated and treated as the children of a Step-Mother!

No revision of OTA for employees of different departments including Postal, Income tax , AG's & others after 5th CPC and now after 6th CPC - This is most unjust and unacceptable - Government can revise the OTA after 5th CPC and also again after 6th CPC for Railway employees but cannot do so for Postal and other employees despite an Arbitration Award in this regard after the 5th CPC - A collective action by the entirety of CG Employees in this matter is urgently called for - Confederation will raise this issue with the Staff Side.

The orders of the Ministry of railways is reproduced below for the information of the members:

General Secretary

S.No. PC-VI/189 RBE No. 29/2010
No. PC-V/2008/A/O/3(OTA) New Delhi, dated 17.02.2010
The General Managers
All Indian Railways and
Production Units.
(as per mailing list)

Sub: Grant of Overtime Allowance to Railway employees consequent upon revision of pay scales and allowances.

Pursuant to the recommendations of the Sixth Pay Commission, the issue of revision of Over Time Allowance has been under consideration and in partial modification of the Board's earlier orders on the subject, it has been decided by the Board that the Railway employees who are governed by the Statutory Acts like the Factories Act, Hours of Employment Regulations or those covered under rules for Departmental Overtime and who have opted for the revised scales of pay in terms of Railway Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, may be granted overtime allowance, on the basis of their emoluments in the revised scales of pay.
2. The emoluments, for the purpose of computation of rates of OTA will comprise the following:
a) Railway employees governed by Factories Act
• Basic Pay (Pay in Pay Band + Grade Pay)
• Dearness Allowance
• House Rent Allowance
• Transport Allowance
• Cash equivalent of the advantage accruing through the concessional sale to workers of food grains and other articles, as the worker is for the time being entitled to (excluding wages for Overtime work or Bonus)
b) Railway employees governed by HOER
• All the items as shown in (a) above except House Rent Allowance
c) Railway employees governed by rules Under Departmental Overtime
(i) Employees working in Loco Sheds and C & W Depot
• All the items as shown in (a) above except House Rent Allowance
(ii) Other Railway employees governed under Departmental Orders
• Basic Pay (Pay in Pay Band + Grade Pay)
• Dearness Allowance
3. The revised rates of Overtime Allowance shall be effective from 01-9-2008.
4. With a view to minimize instances of OTA, General Managers may take following measures:-
(i) Prepare an action plan for systematic and efficient utilization of manpower covering various aspects viz. filling up of vacancies, especially in Running staff and operational categories, proper management of sanction of leave and rational deployment of staff.
(ii) Conduct a fresh job analysis of the duties of Motor Car Drivers who are presently classified as 'Continuous' to determine their actual period of working requiring sustained attention.
(iii) Prefer hiring of vehicles for official use, if necessary.
(iv) Allow compensatory off to the staff booked on holidays due to exigencies.
(v) Direct all the RRBs to follow a uniform pattern by giving compensatory off to their staff instead of OTA.
(vi) Review payment of OTA to supervisors in the Pay Band-2 except to those who are earmarked for breakdown duties, to minimize the incidence of OTA.
5. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.


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