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Wednesday, December 9, 2009


The Secretary General
Confederation of Central Government Employees
And Workers, New Delhi


This is to bring to your kind knowledge regarding CGHS contribution earlier the contribution was collected on the Pay + DP, now the contribution system has been changed to Grade Pay after 6th CPC w.e.f 1.6.2009 earlier payment CGHS contribution was in the range of Rs 15 to Rs 100 for Group D to Group B, now its Rs 50 to Rs 325 for this has resulted in manifold increase payment of CGHS contribution by 300%, Regarding CGHS Contributions the earlier person with Rs 6000 as Basic pay in pay scale of Rs 5000 –8000 was paying Rs 70, now after 6th CPC from 1.6.2009 he is requested to pay Rs 225 as CGHS contribution. Hence it is 300 % increase in CGHS contribution In case of an LDC he used to pay Rs 40 now he is required to pay Rs 125 in all cases the CGHS contribution has increased by 300%. Compared to net salary increase of 40%. Hence drastic reduction needs to done in CGHS contribution’s.

Entitlement of wards in Hospitals under CGHS ward entitlement is based on pay drawn and the Officers are also paying Rs 325 as CGHS contribution’s they are entitled for private and semi private ward now, where as Group B persons even after paying the same CGHS contribution’s of Rs 225 and Rs 325 per month are entitled only for general ward based on pay drawn.

Hence the entitlement of wards in Hospitals under CGHS ward entitlement are to be based on Grade Pay ie Grade pay of Rs 4200 and above should be entitled for Semi –Private ward and for Grade pay of Rs 4600 and above should be entitled for Private ward. It is requested to take up this issue.

Comradely yours

(P.S.Prasad) General Secretary

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