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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Prepare for General Strike on 12 December 2012

Confederation of Central Government Employees and Workers Karnataka State

Dear Comrades
Prepare for General Strike on 12 December 2012
The Rally of Central Government employees from all over the country participating in ‘March To Parliament’ under  the banner of Confederation of CGEs on 26 July 2012 decided to go on one day All India Strike on 12 December 2012 on following demands:

1)Revision of wage with effect from. 1.01.2011 & The Government must set up the 7th CPC immediately.  
In Central Government undertaking, Nationalised Banks and Insurance wage revision takes place once in every five years.   The retail prices of those commodities which go into the making of minimum wages have risen by about 160% from 1.1.2006 to 1.1. 2011, whereas the D.A. compensation in the case of Central Government employees on that date had been just 51%,  due to faulty DA formula.
The 6th Central Pay Commission applied a multiplication factor of 1.86 for arriving at the revised pay structure to Group C and D Employees , in the case of Group A Officers, the factor was ranging from 2.36 to 3 times. apply uniform fitment formula for all.
The National Anomaly Committee met 4-5 times, it could not settle any major issues. The MACP, introduced by the Government in replacement of the ACP Scheme already in vogue has not gone to improve the career prospects of the employees due to various untenable stipulations made in the order by the DOPT.
The Grameen Dak Sewaks  should be included in the  7th Central Pay Commission wage review .
The rupee value has gone down from past six years.

2)Merger of DA with pay:
 The DA has crossed 72 % as on 1st July 2012, The actual rise in prices are more than 160%, The DA should be merged with Basic pay to protect the employees interest. Today the house rent in market has increased by more than 200% from past six years where as we are compensated only by just  12%.  Only a few allowances are included for 25% increase, If DA is merged then 50% benefit will accrue for all allowances. It is, therefore, necessary that the Government takes steps to merge 50% of DA with pay for all purposes to compensate the erosion of the real value of wages of the Central Government employees including the Grameen Dak Sewaks.

 3)Compassionate appointments.
 Discrimination between Railways and other Central Govt. employees should be removed, remove ceiling of 5% and assure Govt. jobs for all.

4)Downsizing, outsourcing, contractorisation etc.
               Due to the situation that  came into being because of the 2001 directive of the Government, as explained in the preceding paragraphs and due to the pursuance of the neo- liberal economic policies, many departments had to resort to outsourcing of its functions.  Some departments were virtually closed down and a few others were privatized or contractorised.   The large scale outsourcing and contractorisation of functions had a telling effect on the efficacy of the Government departments.  The delivery system was adversely affected and the public at large suffered due to the inordinate delay it caused in getting the service from the Government departments.  The financial outlay for outsourcing of functions of each department increased enormously over the years.  The quality of work suffered.  In order to ensure that the people do get a better and efficient service from the Government departments and to raise the image of the Government in the eyes of the common people, it is necessary that the present scheme of outsourcing and contractorisation of essential  functions of the Government must be abandoned.

5)Career progression:
    The discontent amongst the employees in the matter is of high magnitude today.  It is, therefore, necessary that every Department is asked to undertake to bring about a cadre composition and recruitment pattern in such a manner that an employee once recruited is to have five  hierarchical promotions in his career as is presently the position in the All India Services and in the organized Group A services.

6)Scrap the New Pension Scheme 

7) Proper functioning of the JCM  and implementation of the arbitration award.

8) Remove the ban on recruitment and creation of posts

9) Stop price rise and strengthen PDS.

10(a) Regularization of daily rated workers.
(b). Absorption of GDS as regular postal employees

11. Introduction of PLB and removal of ceiling limit

12. Revising OTA and Night Duty allowance rates on par with Railways

13. Implement Arbitration Awards.

14.  Victimization Vacate All Trade Union victimization.

15. Make Right to strike a fundamental right

Educate the membership about above demands and prepare them for strike to achieve our legitimate demands.

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