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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Minutes of Meeting held on 3rd Sept 2014

                The COC Meeting held at RMS office Bangalore held on 3rd September was attended by representatives from Postal , Income tax, AG's, Postal Accounts, IMD, Survey of India, RMS, Ground Water Board,  Census, Civil Audit etc participated. 
   The COC meeting was presided over  by Com. JavarayiGowda  Vice President COC Karnataka, he welcomed the members for the meeting and requested General Secretary to take up agenda points.

Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary welcomed the members for the meeting. There after following agenda points were taken up.     

1.       7th CPC developments.
2.        Visit of 7th CPC’s Chairman to Bangalore.
3.        Dharna programs on 11th and 19th September 2014 demanding  of payment of Interim Relief and Merger of              Dearness Allowance with pay., 
4.         COC Funds.
5.        All India Study camp at Bangalore.

The General Secretary briefed about the 7th CPC developments and highlights of the   7th CPC’s visit  to Bangalore on 24th August 2014, It was concluded that  COC Karnataka had a good meeting with the 7th CPC Members .The COC Karnataka express sincere gratitude towards the CHQ of  the Confederation for considering the COC Karnataka views for the 7th CPC memorandum.

  It was decided to organize lunch hour demonstration in front of all respective offices including in districts  & taluk level  on 11th September and submit the memorandum to the head of offices.

It was decided to organize  massive demonstration in front of  Town Hall Bangalore from 10.30 am to 2 pm and also in district head quarters on  19th September 2014. It was also decided to print posters for the dharna program. The respective circle secretary's shall issue directions for districts to follow the programs. 

The General Secretary appealed to all members to contribute towards COC funds @ Rs 5 per member.  

 It was decided to organize two days All India Study camp at Bangalore during the period 8th to 14 November depending upon the availability of hall and accommodation. A  special meeting during this month will be conducted  to work out the things and raising the funds. After finalizing the hall the dates will be intimated to the CHQ. 

Comradely yours

General Secretary 

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