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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Impact of 12/12/12 Strike & February 20th & 21st Strike

   Many Member's of Parliament have written to the Hon’able Prime Minister for consideration on the 15 charter of demands of the Confederation  even it was raised on the floor of the house.

    The Trade Unions in their meeting with the Hon’able Finance Minister have also demanded for setting up of the 7th CPC. The media have reported in Bangalore and at Districts. Even the websites have reported positively. 

   The AIRF in its conference held at Vishkapatnam have demanded for setting up of the 7th CPC & increasing the wages by 50%. NFIR has also written to Hon’able Finance Minister have also demanding  for setting up of the 7th CPC. Hence both Railway unions have demanded setting up of the 7th CPC.

   The AIDEF, GDS Employes(AIPEDEU)  & FNPO have decided to participate in February 20th & 21st Strike on 25 charter of demands which includes setting up of the 7th CPC.

   The National Secretariat meeting of the Confederation held on 2nd Jan 2013 has decided to participate in February 20th & 21st Strike on 25 Charter of demands which has been endorsed by NFPE & others.

   With these the pressure is built on the Government of India to settle  the 15 charter of demands of the Confederation. We should not expect that present government will accept our demands by just one token strike.  the one day strike held on 12/12/12 was only to create awareness amongst the Central Government Employees & build pressure on the  Government of India.
Which was achieved fully, next step is the February 20th & 21st Strike on 25 charter of demands.    


  Our struggle for achieving 15 Charter of demands has not yet over, the 12/12/12 strike was a beginning of the struggle. In 2013 we have to wage a number of struggles till we succeed February 20th & 21st Strike is just a beginning to put more pressure on the Government of India on the 15 charter of demands.   

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