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Monday, June 11, 2018

Minutes of COC Karnataka Meeting held on 5/6/2018

The COC meeting was  held on 5/6/2018 at ITEF room   started at 7.15 p.m. with Com.President in Chair. 

One minute silence was observed as a mark of honour and respect to our Comrade Chandrashekar, who expired today morning. He was working as a Postal Asst at Bg GPO.  (Ex Sports Inspector and Ex Football Coach).

National Convention at Hyderabad on 10-06-2018:
Com.S.Radhakrishna President appraised  the Exe Com about the National Convention of the Confederation of Cent. Govt Employees & Workers to be held at Hyderabad on 10-06-2018 reg Scrapping of NPS, Min Wage, Fitment Formula and to deliberate upon the future course of action.  

During the course of the meeting, it was decided that Com.P.S.Prasad, Working President will represent COC karnataka and all other affiliates are required to send their representatives as per the quota fixed by their respective All India Body. 

GDS Strike:
The representatives from Postal Assns viz., Com.Javaraya Gowda, Com.Ganesh and Com.Dominic who were present were asked to inform the latest developments reg the ongoing Strike of GDS Employees and also their programme of action, so as to enable COC, Karnataka to extend their solidarity as per the directions issued by Confederation Leadership. 

Financial  Review and Subscription:
All the affiliates were requested to remit the subscription to COC for the years 2017-18 & 2018-19 immediately. The Subscription for the year 2017-18 should be cleared by 30th June ( Rate of subscription is at Rs 10/- per member per year).

Meeting concluded at 8.45 p.m

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