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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Minutes of COC Karnataka Meeting held on 08-09-2017

Dear Comrades, 
The COC Karnataka meeting was held on City RMS at 7 pm.

Working President Com.P.S.Prasad,  presided over the meeting.  

                         The following points were discussed as per agenda:                              

1. Holding District level Dharna program at Kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bengaluru on 
20-09-2017, between 12-30pm to 2-30pm and at district places at respective Head Post Offices / Income Tax offices .           

 2. Proposed to Hold State level Dharna on 17-10-2017 at GPO, Bengaluru.                      

 3.Opening of new Account of COC, Karnataka at Karnataka Circle Postal Credit Co-operative Society Ltd.      

4.Registration of CoC Karnataka at Sub Registrar Office and preparation of relevant documents required to be made ready.                

  5. Comrade P.S.Prasad informed that the Confederation Leaders appreciated the COC Karnataka for conducting National Secretariat Meeting at ITEF in a grand manner. He also informed a resolution has to be submitted to the Confederation regarding holiday on 1st November on account of State formation Day of the State of Karnataka and to include the same in the Holiday List, as discussed in the National Secretariat Meeting.    

He also clarified regarding Gazette Notification of minimum wage act 1936 of Rs.24000 per month issued by the Government.    

The meeting also discussed the minimum wage issue and resolved to fight it for a justified minimum wage of Rs 26,000/-                            

Com.Vinod General Secretary COC Karnataka  appealed to all the affiliates to organize Sharma programme successfully to put forth pressure on the Govt. to achieve our just demands.    Comrades, we shouldn't be in sleep mode and we all should fight for achieving our charter of Demands.

The meeting it was also decided to print bilingual Posters in Kannada & English.                

Meeting concluded at 8.45 pm with vote of thanks from Com Ramakrishna Joint Secretary.
                                                                                              Comradely yours

                                                                                                         (Vinod )
                                                                                                  General Secretary

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