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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

3rd Jan Meeting Minutes

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COC Karnataka

                  The COC Karnataka meeting was held on 3rd Jan 2017 at ITEF office Bengaluru  under the chairmanship of Com S.Radhakrishna Working President COC Karnataka , The meeting was addressed by Com M.S.Raja Working President Confederation CHQ New Delhi . The meeting was well attended by the presence of Com A.Srinivas  Convener NFPE and Circle Secretary   RMS R3 , Com G. Janakiram  Circle Secretary    AIPEU Group “C”, Com Javarayi Gowda  President  AIPEU Group “C” and Vice President COC Karnataka , Com Mallikarjun Circle Secretary    AIPEU “Postmen and MTS”, Com Vinod Circle Secretary  ITEFand Joint Secretary COC Karnatka, Com Ravindranth  President AG’s CAT –II ,  Com Dominic Vijay Anand from Postal Accounts, Com Srinivas  from CGHS, Com Suresh General Secretary Census EDP, Com Ganesh   General Secretary Survey of India , Com Muthukumar veteran leader and adviser  COC Karnataka & Com P.S.Prasad  General Secretary AICGWBEA and COC Karnataka . Apart from others many comrades from NFPE and ITEF participated in the meeting.

                 Com S.Radhakrishna Working President COC Karnataka welcomed the gathering and raised the issues in respect of  15th Feb 2017 strike . Com M.S.Raja Working President Confederation CHQ New Delhi clarified all the issues in respect of strike  and urged the members  to participate in the 15th Feb 2017 strike. Com A.Srinivas  Convener NFPE and Circle Secretary   RMS R3 urged the members to follow the directions of the CHQ and make the strike a success. 

                  The doubts raised by the members were clarified and in the meeting it was decided to campaign for the strike effectively and jointly to  make the 15th Feb 2017 strike a success.

                 Com P.S.Prasad  COC Karnataka proposed vote of thanks and assured the 15th Feb 2017 strike will be a success in Karnataka state.
                                                                                                                                                  Comradely yours
                                                                                                                                               General Secretary  

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