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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Minutes of Meeting of COC Karnataka held on 18/10/2016

The meeting of COC Karnataka was held on 18/10/2016 at ITEF room Income tax office Queens road Bangalore from 19.00 hrs under the chairmanship of Com Jawariya Gowda  Vice President COC Karnataka .


The General Secretary Com P.S.Prasad briefed the latest developments and the need for agitation programs as per the directions of the national executive meeting of Confederation  of CG employees New Delhi.


The meeting has decided to endorse the directions of the national executive meeting of Confederation of CG employees New Delhi and work for the implementation of the programs . The meeting has observed that on 30th June 2016 the group of  Hon”ble Union Cabinet  Ministers has assured to the NJCA leaders to resolve the  main issues of the Central Government employees which includes revision of fitment formula , minimum wage and allowances by four months , but so far three and half months are over the proposed high level committee was supposed to be constituted and the grievances of the Central Government employees are to be resolved . The meeting urges the Government should immediately act upon solving the grievances of the Central Government employees.

It was decided that the following programs will be conducted :


1)    Gate meeting on 20th October 2016 at respective offices, all affiliates of the COC Karnataka are directed to observe the said gate meeting and adopt the said resolution copy which is enclosed and send it by post / fax to respective persons. The photograph of then said program shall be sent by email to

2)    It was decided to conduct the centralized dharna program on 7th November 2016 from 10.30 am to 3 pm  at Bangalore the venue of the program is likely to be GPO Bangalore .  The same will be confirmed shortly. The posters for the program will be printed shortly and distributed . The affiliates of COC Karnataka are directed to mobilize maximum members for the dharna program.  The district units are also directed to conduct the similar dharna program at respective places at centralized places so that all Central Government employees can participate. The district units are directed to send the send the report on 7th November dharna program by email.

3)    The meeting has also direct the members to participate in the March to Parliament  on 15th December 2016 and make reservations immediately . The meeting decided to mobilize 500  persons to the  March to Parliament. The quato has been fixed each affiliates are requested to ensure that maximum participation . A)  NFPE -300 persons B) ITEF -50  persons C) AG’S Employees Association -50 persons D) AICGWB Employees Association -10 persons E) CGHS  Employees - Employees Association -10 persons . G) Survey of India Employees Association -10 persons  H) Census Employees Association -10 persons, I) IMD- Employees Association -10 persons, J) Each district units should be suitable represented .  


The meeting  has observed that due to the continuous efforts of the senior comrades of erstwhile COC Karnataka , Com P.S.Prasad has been elected  as Organizing Secretary    of  the Confederation of CG Employees  New Delhi . The entire COC Karnataka affiliates congratulate for his election and wish him all the best.


The meeting concluded with vote of thanks .



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