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Saturday, August 30, 2014

COC Meeting on 3rd September at RMS

             The COC Karnataka meeting will be held on 3rd  September 2014 at city RMS office Bangalore at 6.30 pm to discuss the following issues.
1) The review of the  meeting with Chairman and Members of the  7th CPC.
2) Conducting of the Dharna   
Demands of Dharna:
 Interim Relief, DA merger and GDS issues.

 a)11th September 2014: Submission of the Charter of Demands along with a brief Note to all heads of offices by arranging demonstration in front of all offices; the branch level/district/divisional/state level leaders will explain the demands especially the memorandums on interim relief, DA merger and GDS issues.
  b) 19th September 2014: Dharna between 10 AM to 3 PM at all                                                                   important  state /districts / divisional centers.

  c) 25th September 2014:   Dharna between 10 AM to 3 PM at New Delhi with participation of the leaders of all affiliates and the members.

    3)  COC subscription @ Rs 5 per member .

          I thank you for your co-operation extended to COC Karnataka and trust imposed on me, from past one year we were preparing for the 7th CPC memorandum under the guidance of  Com S.Radhakrishna  President  COC Karnataka and Com Muthukumar Adviser  COC Karnataka and points for discussion, we had a nice meeting with the 7th CPC on 24th August 2014 for about 50 minutes at Bangalore , even though other association were given time for about just 10-15 minutes. the highlights were published in COC website and Confederation CHQ website also.

         On this occasion I thank the CHQ of Confederation for providing us the opportunity to meet the 7th CPC members and further explaining the things, The Chairman of the 7th CPC has also appreciated the presentation of the COC Karnataka and Pensioner Association.   We have taken up many important issues of the CG employees, since there was limited time allocated to us , we could not present all the demands of CG employees.  We hope through the commission visit to other  states these other  issues will be taken up and also Confederation CHQ and Staff side of JCM have  already taken up vital issues of  DA merger and IR. these issues with the Central Government and the 7th CPC.  
        Meanwhile we have to build pressure on the Central Government to  see that  the  justified demands of Central Government Employees are accepted , hence  we should be more alert and follow the directions of the CHQ in this aspect. 
I request you all to attend COC Meeting on 3rd  September 2014 at City RMS office and also give directions to district units to observe the said programs.

Comradely yours

General Secretary 


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