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Sunday, June 16, 2013

6th CPC has flawed in DA Caculation, DA is 80% while price gone up by 230%: RMU

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anjani kumar mishra said...

8 . 3 Item No.5 (ii), (iv) (with 32 & 33), (v)(vii) - Rule 8 of the Revised Pay Rules Fixation of pay on promotion
Staff Side stated that anomaly in this case is basically due to the fact that it is for the first time that CPC has recommended specific entry level pay for Direct Recruits (DRs). This has resulted in employees who were appointed in service prior to the DRs and got promoted earlier getting less pay as compared to their counterparts recruited directly and who joined after 1.1.2006. The Official Side stated that in such cases stepping up of pay is permissible subject to certain conditions. However, the Staff Side insisted that on promotion, the pay of all the promotees should be fixed at the entry level of pay of that post as in the case of the direct recruits, wherever there is a provision of direct recruitment in the RRs.
The Staff Side requested that in cases where no direct recruitment actually took place even though RRs provided for the same or when a DR did not join, stepping up of pay should be considered.
This suggestion of the Staff Side was considered by the Official Side, who responded by stating that wherever there is a provision of direct recruitment in the Recruitment Rules, pay on promotion would be fixed at the prescribed minimum of the Entry Pay as provided for the Direct Entrants in the Revised Pay Rules, irrespective of the fact whether direct recruitment has actually taken place or not. The Staff Side agreed to close this issue thereafter. Now I am submitting here that when on person(officer) decided the fate of all the promotee employees and cut the throat of the poor employees all of a sudden. They ignore the RIGHT OF EQUALITY as provided by the Constitution of India. We are also the citizen of India. That very officer put CPC report above the Constitution of India. This is present scenario of Indian administration management where the Big fishes devour the life of tiny insects(poor employees. Confederation and representatives of Staff side are also silent on this issue. God knows what are they thinking about! I request to the representatives of staff side this issue must be fought on any appropriate platform whether it may be the Court of justice.