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Friday, August 10, 2012

COC Meeting Minutes

The Karnataka  COC Meeting  was held on 8th August   2012 at Income  Tax Office  Bangalore under the chairmanship  of Com Seethalakshmi  Vice President COC .
Com  Seethalakshmi  Vice President COC briefed members about the agenda 


a) Review of State & Districts level meetings & tour programs to districts 
b) The outcome   March to Parliament on 26th July 2012
c)  Conducting of various programs of Confederation from 12th September 2012   to 12th December 2012  
d) Visit of Com Krishnan Secretary General NFPE to Bangalore on 18th August 2012
e) Financial position of COC

Com P.S.Prasad General Secretary briefed members about the agenda.

Com Prasad educated the  members on all the 15 Charter of demands. 
The following  decisions was taken.

a) Com Prasad thanked the affiliates of the COC in conducting the COC Conventions at  Bangalore at CITY RMS Office  on 15th June 2012  which was addressed  by  Com K.V.Sridharan General Secretary AIPEU Group 'C'  and other trade union leaders and also  the program was held at districts as follows.
1) Mysore at Head Post Office on 16th June 2012
2) Hubli at Head Post Office on 29th June 2012.
3) Mangalore at Head Post Office on 18th June 2012
b) It was decided to educate the employees regarding 15 charter of demands. Posters/ Pamplets  will be prepared and distributed each and all  affiliates are directed to hold meetings in their offices to educate the workers at grass root level. 

c)The participation of  members for the March to Parliament on 26th July 2012 was satisfactory. With participation from NFPE. ITEF,  P&T Audit, Ground Water, GDS etc  Comrades from Bangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Mangalore,  Raichur, Gulbarga etc. participated in the rally.

d) The further programs of  Confederation from September onwards will be carried out in Bangalore and all Districts of Karnataka 

e) The COC Meeting will be held on 18th August 2012 at 5pm at  CITY RMS office Bangalore which will be addressed by Com Krishnan Secretary General NFPE and General Secretary COC Kerala. All Affiliates are requested to mobilize their rank and file for this meeting 

General  Secretary 

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