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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dharna Program details

All Affiliates
COC Karnataka
             As per the call of the NJCA (National Joint Council of Action of Central Government Employees) the two phased following program is to be observed,
1) Holding demonstration on 30th December 2015
2) Centralized   Dharna program at state capital and district level from 19th to 21st Jan 2016 from 10 am to 3pm.

The call of the NJCA has been endorsed by the Confederation of CG employees and respective associations including NFPE, FNPO, ITEF etc.

As you are quite aware that the 7th CPC has cheated the CG employees and had presented a disappointing report , we have to improve  a report through struggles and programs. Better we observe the programs , better the result that is better wage hike, hence NJCA has decided to observe the above program of action. 
In this connection the state JCA of CG employees met at AIRF office on 23rd , 29th December and 5th Jan 2016 has decided to implement the above program of the NJCA , It was decided to hold dharna program on 19th Jan 2016 at GPO Bangalore in which COC Karnataka constituents will play a major role.

Comrade M.Krishnan  Secretary General Confederation of CG employees  will address the meeting on 19th Jan 2016 at GPO.

On 20th Jan 2016 the AIRF will take will play a major role and The dharna program will be held adjacent to city RMS Bangalore .

Similarly on 21st Jan 2016 AIDEF will take responsibility of the program and it will be held at CQAL office near TV station JC nagar Bangalore, Comrade Sreekumar Secretary General AIDEF will address the meeting on 21st Jan 2016 at CQAL .

It was also decided to print posters and hand bills under state NJCA head , to be distributed all over the state  

 Similar program of dharna should be held at all districts head post office and Railways stations and Income tax offices at district level from 19th to 21st Jan 2016 , the photos of the said program should be sent by email.

 All Affiliates COC Karnataka are directed to ensure the above program is carried out in large number participation. 

Comradely yours


General Secretary  

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