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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NDA Government and Workers Issues

          The NDA Government under the leadership of Shri Narendra Modiji has been continuously ignoring the working class interest. The working class constitutes nearly half the country population.  
           Today the workers both in organized sector or unorganized sector are facing several problems which should be addressed immediately by the NDA Government. The following are the issues which affect the working class. 
1)    The non filling up of vacant post has put pressure on the working class; the entire work load has to be carried out by the existing Employees/ Workers. Let it be Central Govt. employees / State Govt. employees / Bank employees / PSU etc. In India the total Government employees for one lakh population is around 1700, whereas in USA it is 7800 Government employees. Even today many towns don’t have Railway network, many villages don’t have a Post office and the staff position in Income tax & Central Excise departments is bad, which is effecting revenue collection. 
       The regular  jobs are carried out by contact labours , who are exploited a lot. who are paid just Rs 3000/- to Rs 10,000/- as salary  and denied all benefits.  
        The NDA government initial mantra of minimum Government and maximum governance has failed, they have now expanded the ministry by indicting 22 new ministers with these now they have realized that this minimum Government and maximum governance is no longer valid for development of the nation, whereas there is ban on creation of post for Central Government, these should be lifted at once. For proper development of the nation, enough Government employees should be posted to successfully implement the Government policies and programs, which will benefit the people of the country.
2)    The Government work is proposed to be carried out on PPP model, which is very dangerous, the concept of service will be slowly be replaced by the profit. This will affect the poor and downtrodden people. Cost of Postal services and Railway services will increase by 5 times, if there is change in Government policy from service orenitation to profit criteria.                
3)    The concept of 8 hours working culture is vanishing due to work pressure.

4)    The Bonus act has not been amended from past 7 years, the existing bonus ceiling has to be enhanced from Rs 3500/ to Rs 10,000/- The cap on bonus ceiling should be removed.

5)    The price rise in past 10 years has burdened the working class; the price rise has shown an increase of more than 250%. Whereas the Consumer Price Index has risen only by 150 points. The Dearness Allowance for Central Govt. employees / State Govt. employees / Bank employees / PSU have risen only by 100%. There is a gap between actual price rise and DA provided which is more than100%. The real wages has been eroded, the money value has decreased. There is a move to have new CPI from 2015, further the DA will decrease. The wages should increase by more than 100% in all sectors.
6)    The wage revision should take place every five years rather than 10 years.

7)    The actual spending on the wages and allowances in  Central Government sectors are just below 10 % of the revenue collection, The actual spending should have been around 20% of the revenue collection , the Central Government  should be model employer, the minimum wage for the skilled worker including GDS employees should be Rs 35,000/ as starting salary. 
8)    The lack of promotions is also worrying and which is lacking in motivation of the employees. The increment rate should be at least 5%.     

9)    The labour reforms without consultation taking into unions and stake holders will be very dangerous.          
   The following programs are slated .
 The Bank Employees and Officers are on strike on 12/11/14 the demands are similar to the Central Government employees.  In the negotiations held today (10.11.2014) IBA stuck to their earlier stand of 11% despite the flexibility of UFBU in scaling down the demand to 23%. Their demands are quite justified.
 The Central Government Employees are holding a joint seminar on 11th December 2014 at New Delhi, which may lead to massive strikes. The Confederation has given a call for boycotting offices on 18th November for two hours.  for DA merger , IR, date of effect  from 1/1/2014 etc.
 The trade unions are holding massive rally of march to parliament on 5th December 2014 at New Delhi.
 . We sincerely hope the NDA Government will seriously note the justified demands of the working class and the working class interest should be kept in mind while formulating programs and policy’s of the nation. We should not be mere spectators and we should  act and mobilize the working class on a single platform .  
   Comradely yours

General Secretary

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