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Thursday, March 6, 2014

7th CPC terms of reference and further struggles.

                   The union cabinet held on 28th February, 2014 has approved the terms of  7th CPC in its almost a last meeting of union cabinet, the following are the achievements of our movement in last three years and what we should do to rectify the terms of reference.

Let us start thinking about the 6th CPC and its implications, we all know that 6th CPC was constituted only in the year 2006, actually it should have been constituted in the year 2004. Now the Confederation has started its struggle in the last three years for the constitution on 7th CPC and major demands of CG Employees such as DA merger, 5 years wage revision, IR etc.

Now only the Confederation has started its struggle in last three years, whereas other unions has only extended support only by writing letters, no struggle was carried out others. Today we have won half battle that is constitution on 7th CPC . Further there is a possibility of date of effect change from 2016 to 2014, as in the terms of reference under (h) To recommend the date of effect of its recommendations on all the above. that means the 7th CPC commission may grant 2014 or not . If it grants 2014 then we can demand IR, DA merger etc even revision of TA rates & OTA rates.The 7th CPC can send an interim report on these. 

The Central Government has not  consulted the staff side of the JCM on the terms of reference. Many issues have not been settled by the  Central Government including GDS issue, Bank employees pay revision like so on, this shows the negative attitude of the  Central Government policy towards working class, in spite of all these negative attitude, we have achieved the constitution of  7th CPC through our struggles but for Confederation efforts we could not have got 7th CPC constituted.  Government being a model employer has to pay decently, as we are cream in the society.

The many unions  have today writing for change of terms of reference for making direct reference in 7th CPC for DA merger and IR, if these unions had co-operated with us from past one year through joint struggles, we could have had better terms of reference.

    Today also it is not too late we can demand IR, GDS inclusion. date of effect from 1/1/2014, DA merger by representing it to 7th CPC and through joint struggles of Central Government Employees in August 2014.

 Now let us not lose hope on DA merger, GDS inclusion ,IR and date of effect through more struggles  we will achieve all these. Earlier also during 5th CPC we got better deal after the Union Cabinet had to modify the recommendations of the 5th CPC fitment formula from 20% to 40%. Till next two years there shall be series of struggles till we succeed.  

Comradely yours

General Secretary         

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