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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Strike a sucess


Abiding by the call of the Central Trade Unions and endorsed by the all India Federations, the Confederation of Central Government employees and workers organized the one day strike today the 7thSeptember, 2010 against the increasing inflation, price rise, demanding the revival of the Universal Public Distribution system, against the policy of privatization of Public Sector and Governmental organizations, against contrctorisation, outsourcing and above all demanding the scrapping of the new contributory pension scheme introduced to replace the existing statutory defined benefit pension Scheme.

The strike action elicited good participation of Central Government Employees in the Karnataka State, Banks Insurance sector was totally closed, State Govt. Employees also particiapated in good numbers. Rally was also good, with good Media coverage including national news.

The Strike was an impressive indication of the growing discontent of the Central Government employees over the Neo-liberal Economic Policies, which has threatened the job security of the workers, redundancy due to outsourcing, corporatisation and privatization of Government departments, contractorisation of the functions of about 10 lakh employees belonging to the lower strata and the big erosion of the value of the wages due to the price rise.

The COC while congratulating the Central Government employees for their unstinted co-operation in making the strike a grand success has called upon them to be prepared and mobilize themselves further for a greater form of agitational programme, if the Government continues to tread the pro-rich polices.

Comradely yours


General Secretary

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